Anthony Aranda shares sensual TikTok with Melissa Paredes They are fire!

Anthony Aranda shouted his love for Melissa Paredes in their social networks in a unique way. And it is that just this week, the popular ‘Activator Kitten’ was made official by the actress in an exclusive interview for Mujeres al Mando, a program that she now leads.

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Through his TikTok account and his Instagram stories, the dancer shared a sensual video with his now “in love”. In the images, they are seen dancing very passionately to the song ‘Mi Santa’ by Romeo Santos.

“〽️🔥❤️ @melissapareds #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #viral #bailalo #〽️ #bachata,” wrote Anthony Aranda in the TikTok post, while in his Instagram stories he also tagged Melissa Paredes.

It should be noted that this is the first time that the “Activator Kitten” is shown on his social networks with the actress, since his scandalous ampay came to light. Before her, he had posted images of her passing through Reinas del Show with her.

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Just a few days ago, he used his Instagram stories to share a romantic video where a woman holds his hand, although her identity is not revealed. Everything indicates that it would be his partner, Melissa Walls.


Melissa Paredes was ‘proud’ of her boyfriend’s athletic figure Anthony Aranda. Thais Casalino and “Checho” Ibarra pointed out that the dancer had a physique similar to that of a footballer, a fact that surprised the model.

It turns out that in Women in command, Melissa Paredes and Thais Casalino commented on the most outstanding physicists of the Chollywood figures and the boyfriend of the new host could not miss being on the list.

“He is a dancer and he dances a lot. He is not caught, he is skinny but marked. He is more or less 2 hours in the gym”, Melissa Paredes said, praising her boyfriend.

“Good muscle mass, looks like a footballer”, said ‘Checho’ Ibarra when seeing the figure of Anthony Aranda while training with Melissa Paredes.

“He looks like a footballer but he is not, he does play football. He looks like a (soccer player)…”Melissa Paredes said as she watched her lover show her legs in a video.


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