Antonio Aguilar ordered this to be done on his ranch so that Flor Silvestre would always remember him

Wild flower Despite no longer being in the earthly world, he left many anecdotes which his fans listen to thanks to social networks and one of them was that Antonio Aguilar made a detail for him which was captured for life, it is about the quarry in the form of a flower which he ordered to put in every corner of the ranch.

According to the Mexican singer, Antonio Aguilar put a flower in each corner of the ranch that represents his beloved Flor Silvestre, in the water fountain, and at the entrances of the home you can see a beautiful image which symbolizes love. that he had the mother of his children.

And he put a flower everywhere in the quarries on the pillars, the fountain with a quarry flower in the middle, because they are not going to say that I did it to someone else, but to you who are my flower, confessed the actress of Mexican films who always remembered the love of his life, because as some already know, he was the first to leave.

Even the Mexican interpreter has on each wall of the ranch where she lived, photos from the courtship, to the day they were married and even more of Antonio Aguilar who assures that he always treated her like a true lady in all aspects.

“This love story is so precious that many cannot understand it, much less appreciate it…”, “This really was true love, excellent actors and singers, an example to follow, greetings from Bolivia”, “I came here because this great lady left today , but until today I knew his story, what a beautiful love. And today together for eternity, how beautiful, “the networks write.

Despite having achieved a lot of fame and money during their careers, both actors were not dependent on luxuries, since Flor Silvestre mentions that their dates were riding in the mountains, in addition to going fishing to eat the most country, since they always they liked that lifestyle away from the city with no one to see them.

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