Antonio de la Torre, idol of America ceased to exist

The Eagles of America and the Mexican National Team, again, are in mourning. In the last hours the unfortunate death of Antonio de la Torre Villalpando was confirmed.

Antonio is a former professional soccer player who left this world at 63 years of age and had a pleasant participation in Mexican soccer.

The death of Antonio de la Torre was reported through Twitter

AntonioVillalpando was a legend from the glorious age of Club América. Photo: Club America

In addition, the capital squad said goodbye to Antonio through a sensitive statement from his Twitter account.

“Club América mourns the death of our former player: Antonio de la Torre Villalpando was also champion of the League, CONCACAF and the Inter-American Cup in the decade of the 70’s.”

Great career of Antonio de la Torre with the Eagles

The footballer emerged in the Pumas quarry was a tremendous element in the Cremas average. Photo: MexSport.

It is worth noting that Antonio de la Torre Villalpando was a footballer who was made in the quarry of the UNAM Pumas, a team with which he debuted and in which he achieved great performances but is remembered more in America.

But with the azulcremas, de la Torre became a regular starter and managed to make history by winning a national title, a Concacaf Cup and an Inter-American Cup throughout the eight years he was there.

International memories

Figures like Carlos Reinoso remembered who his partner was through messages on social networks. Photo: Instagram.

Probably among the most memorable memories he left as a player for America, the most prominent is that of the Inter-American Cup title they won in 1978 against Boca Juniors.

Antonio de la Torre started the second and third games of the series, which culminated with an extraordinary goal from Carlos Reinoso in overtime and which meant a heavy blow to the then champion of the Copa Libertadores.

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