Antonio Pérez Garibay challenges doubters with a 2024 Suburban bet over Luis Miguel’s concert authenticity

Antonio Pérez Garibay stakes vehicle on Luis Miguel's identity, discusses weight loss journey, and addresses Marcela Basteri rumors.

Antonio Pérez Garibay, the father of race car driver Checo Pérez, recently made a bold proposition. He offered to gift a 2024 Suburban to anyone who could prove that the performer at Luis Miguel’s concert was not the singer himself but an impersonator.

With a close relationship with the Mexican singer, known as “El Sol de México,” Garibay is confident that the criticisms targeting Luis Miguel since the onset of his tour are unfounded.

Garibay was spotted at a social event, walking the red carpet. Here, he faced questions about his relationship with Luis Miguel. Their friendship dates back to 2012 when Garibay, also an entrepreneur, approached the singer for a potential collaboration. Although the business deal never materialized, their professional meeting, accentuated with “a few martinis,” blossomed into a personal bond.

On Fatherhood and Friendships

The topic of fatherhood wasn’t off the table. Garibay spoke passionately about Luis Miguel’s role as a father. “Being a parent is the most important thing for any human,” he stated. Reflecting on the singer’s children with Araceley Arámbula, Miguel and Daniel, he added, “Look, I’ll be honest with you, I am sure that Mickey [Luis Miguel’s nickname] will always be there for all his children.”


While Garibay neither confirmed nor denied rumors about Luis Miguel undergoing gastric surgery, he was open about his own weight loss journey. After consulting with Argentine surgeon Dr. Cristian Pérez Latorre, Garibay underwent a gastric bypass due to his prediabetic condition. “Everything that is said and commented does not affect anything,” he emphasized, revealing that he shed 50 kilos in six months. “It’s healthy, it’s about getting out there, it’s about life, there’s nothing wrong with it,” he commented during an interview with “Venga la Alegría.”

Addressing Lingering Rumors

Another topic that caught attention was the rumor that Luis Miguel’s mother, Marcela Basteri, might still be alive – a story propagated by distant nieces of the singer in Argentine media. Dismissing these speculations, Garibay humorously wished that similar claims about his own mother being alive were true, stating, “Oh, I wish they would also say my mother is alive. I would love to see her.”

Garibay revealed his plans to attend Luis Miguel’s concert in Las Vegas on September 15th, firmly believing that no double could possibly replace the singer. So convinced was he of the performer’s authenticity that he even proposed a unique wager: “Anyone who can prove that it’s not ‘Mickey’ on stage, come forward, and I bet you a brand-new 2024 Suburban. If you want to bet another car, let’s bet; I’m going because it’s really him,” he concluded.