Anuel AA accused of physical abuse by ex-girlfriend Yailin during her pregnancy

Anuel called his ex-partner a "liar" and brought to light accusations against Tekashi, Yailin's new boyfriend, for sexual abuse of a minor.

Everything that has surrounded the love life of singer Anuel AA during the last few years has been controversial; however, the topic had remained in hints and publications with dedications to his ex-girlfriends until now, when the accusations of physical abuse against the Puerto Rican by his ex-partner transcended.

His ex-girlfriend Yailin la más viral, with whom he had his daughter Cattleya, recently revealed that Anuel AA assaulted her during her pregnancy. This accusation comes just after the singer posted a photo with his would-be new girlfriend, just on Yailin’s birthday, who was in the hospital recovering from a recent surgery.

In addition, Anuel posted a photo showing the face of baby Cattleya, despite the agreement he had made with his ex-partner not to show the child. Rapper Tekashi, Yailin’s current boyfriend, attacked Anuel and accused him of not taking responsibility for his daughter and provoking the singer. Anuel’s response was to bring to light the news of the accusation against the Puerto Rican American for sexual abuse of a minor a few years ago.

Yailin’s accusations

A través de su cuenta de Instagram, el rapero conocido como 6in9ine sorprendió a la cantante dominicana Yailín la más viral mientras se recuperaba en el hospital y le celebró su cumpleaños. Crédito: 6ix9ine / Instagram
Through his Instagram account, the rapper 6ix9ine surprised Dominican singer Yailin the most viral while recovering in the hospital and celebrated her birthday. Credit: 6ix9ine / Instagram

Before the fight on the social networks of Anuel AA and Tekashi, the singer Yailin joined the publications and, on her social networks, confessed that she was beaten by her ex-partner when she was four months pregnant. “I do laugh. Yes, you are a narcissist,” the woman began by saying.

“Tell the world that you beat me pregnant. I never said anything for my baby girl,” the 21-year-old singer assured. She asked Anuel to stop pretending on social networks that he is a good father, “when pregnant and when I gave birth … you and your people ignored me”.

According to Yailin, before Cattleya’s birth, Anuel disengaged from her, and even though she was looking for him, the Puerto Rican did not give her the help she needed. “You left me without a dollar and stole the only money I had in my name. My clothes, my clothes, the clothes, you left me with nothing.”

In addition, the young Dominican ended her onslaught against Anuel with a photograph in which she is seen with bruises on her face, apparently caused by the artist.

Las publicaciones de Yailin hablando del maltrato que recibió por parte de Anuel
Yailin’s publications talk about the mistreatment she received from Anuel

Anuel AA defended himself

For his part, Anuel AA made a series of publications against Tekashi and Yailin, calling him a “pedophile” and her a “liar.” She warned her millions of followers to “not be fooled” and that the other two artists were experts in transforming reality.

About Yailin‘s accusations, Anuel assured that in the middle of their relationship, she threatened to beat him up herself to accuse him. “You always said that you were even going to hit yourself pa’ say that I hit you and try to put me in jail,” the Puerto Rican began writing.

He described the allegations as “lies and barbarity” and questioned why he waited until now to bring the accusations to light. He even pointed out that all this was revenge for breaking up with her and making it public because she “would do anything because a picture of me and her would come to light,” even when they were no longer together.

La defensa de Anuel AA a las acusaciones de maltrato de Yailin
Anuel AA’s defense to Yailin’s abuse accusations.

“I’ve never been abusive, and everyone knows that,” the artist assured and decided to continue against Tekashi, Yailin‘s new boyfriend. Anuel called him a “rat and a pedophile” for some lawsuits he faced for abusing a 13-year-old minor and reminded him that he also has a daughter for whom he does not answer.

“You touch underage girls’ mice and sexually abuse them. Please stay away from my daughter… Yailin doesn’t know about this either because if she knew, she would never let you near our daughter,” the artist wrote, adding links to 2020 news stories discussing Tekashi’s case for sexual abuse.

Tekashi, for his part, recalled in his social networks that the case was resolved and he came out of the situation well since “everyone knows that young woman lied about her age, I was 18 years old, and that’s why the judge gave me probation and community service.” He also pointed out that “Yailin doesn’t want to hear from you because you beat her.”

The rapper added that he had the evidence of the messages in which Anuel acknowledged having “unintentionally” hit Yailin. “She was four months pregnant, and you hit her with a car in a country house,” the artist added and shared the same photo as Yailin.