Anuel AA and Yailin’s legal battle ends with an official divorce in the Dominican Republic

Anuel AA and Yailin finalize their divorce in Dominican Republic after disputes over $15,000 monthly child support.

When Anuel AA and Yailin publicly announced their separation earlier this year, it sparked a cascade of media attention. This wasn’t just another celebrity breakup; the couple had tied the knot in a civil registry in the Dominican Republic in June 2022. Their union was celebrated and shared extensively through their social media platforms.

However, the separation was just the beginning. Their divorce proceedings became a drawn-out legal battle that spanned several months. The reason for the delay? Disagreements over various terms of the divorce. Yailin had reportedly initiated the divorce proceedings in March, expressing a wish for a swift dissolution of their marriage. However, with numerous disagreements, the legal process was far from swift.

Financial Tensions and Child Support

Central to their disagreements was Yailin’s request for child support. She sought a monthly sum of $15,000 from Anuel AA for their daughter, Cattleya. Though not officially confirmed, this information leaked to local and U.S. media outlets, fueling the public’s curiosity and speculation.

A significant revelation came from the Dominican newspaper ‘De Último Minuto.’ Contrary to the widespread belief that Yailin had initiated the divorce, the paper reported that Anuel, whose real name is Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, had taken the first step. The couple finally signed their divorce papers in the Seventh Chamber for Family Matters of the National District of the Dominican Republic. Yet, the specifics of their financial settlement remain undisclosed, leaving many wondering whether Anuel acquiesced to Yailin’s demands or if a different agreement was reached.

Accusations and Controversies

Accusations and public altercations further complicated the divorce proceedings. Yailin and her new partner, rapper 6ix9ine, accused Anuel of domestic violence and alleged that he hadn’t visited their daughter since her birth in March 2023. Additionally, Anuel and Tekashi had a public falling-out on social media, further escalating tensions. This dispute arose when Anuel shared a photo of their newborn daughter without Yailin’s consent.

Despite the legal battles and public feuds, Anuel AA and Yailin have found solace in new relationships. Anuel is now involved with Venezuelan model Laury Saavedra, while Yailin hasn’t shied away from showcasing her relationship with Tekashi on social media platforms.

Many wonder about the future as the curtains close on their contentious divorce. The couple’s past and future decisions regarding the upbringing of their daughter, Cattleya, will undoubtedly remain a focal point for fans and the media alike.