Anuel AA confirms separation from Yailín La Mas Viral after a stormy 2022: “because of things in life”

It seems that the break took place on the best terms, since he assures that his daughter's mother "has a good heart".

Undoubtedly, one of the most controversial relationships in recent years was between Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago and Jorgina Lulu Guillermo Diaz, who we know better only as Anuel AA and Yailín “La más viral” because 2022 brought some very intense months for the couple. However, their separation was already confirmed.

And although many did not bet on such a relationship, after the separation of Anuel and Karol G, they believed that his new courtship of the rapper with the Dominican was not going to work. However, in 2022 they surprised us all with an express wedding. Although months later, there were many rumors about a separation, this was not true because they were more united than ever, so much so that they announced the early arrival of a baby.

Anuel confirms he is no longer with Yailín

Since their relationship began, it has been involved in controversy, either by alleged hints between Yailin and Karol G or some alleged infidelities by the rapper to his wife. This Thursday, January 9, the interpreter of songs like “La Llevo al Cielo” and “Delincuente” confirmed that he is no longer with Yailin.

It should be noted that several days ago, Yailín revealed that she no longer wanted to be involved in controversies, so it was thought that the couple could take their relationship in private. “La más viral” closed her Instagram and reopened it but stopped following the father of her baby, Anuel.

Due to the above, rumors of separation were getting stronger and stronger. However, this is now a reality and was confirmed by Anuel during a live broadcast early this Thursday, February 9.

“Me and Yailin are no longer together because of things of life… it’s sad that she is pregnant and we can be together right now having a family under one roof, but because of things of life we are not together.”

Anuel AA

While the rapper shared his sentimental situation and his current relationship with the mother of his daughter, whom they named Catleya, Anuel could be seen as very calm.

In addition, Karol G’s ex-partner assured that although he had already confirmed his separation from Yalín “La más viral,” after this, they did not intend to continue talking or even less “making a circus” with their separation.

On the other hand, it seems that the breakup between the rapper and Yalín took place on the best terms since Anuel assures that the mother of his daughter “has a good heart”; so far, the singer, born in the Dominican Republic, has not made any statements regarding the separation from the father of her baby.