Anuel AA confirms his relationship with Venezuelan-born Laury Saavedra during a successful European tour

Anuel AA unveils his relationship with Laury Saavedra amidst his triumphant European tour, sharing their happiness on Instagram.

Leaving rumors and secrets aside, Anuel AA decided to show how happy he was with his new partner during his successful stay in Europe. The Latin celebrity appeared in cyberspace with a striking publication that revealed his love affair with the Venezuelan-born girl, which had been clarified weeks ago when he shared a mysterious photo with her.

Laury Saavedra is the name of this woman who accompanies Anuel during his passage through Italy and Spain, the same one who keeps the rapper happy by always being with him. However, what surprised his fans was how he used to notify them about his romance since he did it through his Instagram account.

Holding hands

In the post on the social network that he used to celebrate his success in his presentations in Milan and Almeria, Anuel added a picture of him with Laury, in which they appeared walking while holding hands and smiling to show the good moment that the relationship lives.

Might be interesting:

In addition, far from just uploading the image with her, the performer of ‘Sola’ is also encouraged to tag her so that his followers can visit his profile on the digital platform. “First, I set fire to Rome, ITALY, and then Almeria, SPAIN. Today we are going to set MURCIA on fire. My fans, I love you with my life. Without you, I would be imprisoned or dead,” he wrote in part of his text.

Así lució Anuel junto a su nueva novia Laury Saavedra. (Foto: @anuel / Instagram)
This is how Anuel looked with his new girlfriend, Laury Saavedra (Photo: @anuel / Instagram).