Anuel AA Defends Girlfriend Laury Saavedra Amid Transphobic Rumors

Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA faces a wave of transphobic speculation on social media about his new girlfriend after attending an NBA game.

Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA attended an NBA game in Miami last week with his girlfriend, Laury Saavedra. Photos of the couple quickly sparked transphobic rumors and attacks on social media, which Anuel forcefully defended against.

The 31-year-old artist, whose real name is Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, has faced controversy in recent months surrounding his love life. He split from his ex-wife and fellow musician Yailin La Más Viral earlier this year, with whom he shares an infant daughter.

New Relationship Draws Speculation

Anuel was first spotted with Saavedra, a Venezuelan model based in Miami, back in July 2022. At the time, Anuel posted an intimate photo with Saavedra on Instagram, prompting confusion and questions about her identity from fans.

While Anuel did not initially confirm Saavedra was his new romantic partner, some sleuthing by his followers matched up details hinting at their budding relationship. Over the subsequent months, the duo have made several public appearances together.

Last week, Anuel and Saavedra attended a Miami Heat basketball game. Photos from the outing showed them smiling, cuddling, and holding hands courtside.

Transphobic Rumors Emerge

After images circulated on social media, several users left comments speculating about Saavedra’s gender identity. Despite no evidence to suggest she is transgender, various remarks claimed Saavedra looked “like a boy” or insinuated she was not a biological woman.

The unfounded speculation and transphobic connotations swiftly invited backlash from supporters. But Anuel himself rushed to Saavedra’s defense for the first time amid the swirling rumors about their romance.

Anuel Shuts Down Claims

In an Instagram story post on Sunday directed at Saavedra, Anuel wrote in Spanish: “You look gorgeous, my love. No one can take your shine away.”

The bold proclamation appeared to mock the online chatter about his girlfriend. Anuel has not made any further statements addressing the situation as of publication time.

Saavedra’s Instagram account remains set to private. Very little is publicly known about her background besides being Venezuelan and living in the Miami area.

History of Romantic Drama

Anuel’s latest relationship has already proven dramatic, tapping into the artist’s knack for stirring headlines in his personal affairs.

His nearly 3-year romance with fellow Reggaeton superstar Karol G captivated fans until their 2020 breakup. Anuel moved on quickly with Dominican performer Yailin, marrying her in June 2022.

But this past January, Yailin announced she had filed for divorce from Anuel after the birth of their daughter. Rumors of infidelity, abuse, and other scandalous factors possibly contributing to their sudden split continue to swirl.

Now in the thick of fresh relationship turmoil, Anuel appears determined to shield Saavedra from public scrutiny and defend her from transphobic attacks — no matter their validity.

As Anuel forges ahead with both his music career and new partner, one thing seems certain: this likely will not be the last round of melodrama tied to the outspoken Latin trap iconoclast.