Anuel AA spotted relaxing on a beach with a mystery woman and son amid ex-wife’s allegations

Singer Anuel AA publicly exhibited his new girlfriend during his dream vacation on a beach.

Is Karol G in sight? Singer Anuel AA caused a great surprise after posting some enigmatic pictures on his social networks with his eldest son Pablo and a mysterious young woman. As expected, social networks did not take long to do their job, and there was even talk of a possible reunion between the interpreter of “Sola” and the Colombian.

The controversy with his ex-wife Yailin La Más Viral and American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has not affected Anuel AA. Just look at his Instagram stories, and you’ll see that the singer is having a relaxing time. Of course, he’s not as alone as he seems.

Anuel AA has been accused by Yailin La Más Viral of allegedly beating her while she was pregnant (Photo: Yailin La Más Viral / Instagram).
Yailin La Más Viral has accused Anuel AA of allegedly beating her while she was pregnant (Photo: Yailin La Más Viral / Instagram).

And is that the author of hits like “Mi exxx,” “Real hasta la muerte,” “Diabla,” and “Secreto” uploaded some postcards on a paradisiacal beach in the company of his eldest son and his girlfriend. It was precisely she who opened the gallery of postcards that the “God of Trap” has posted on his official accounts.

The pictures of Anuel and his mysterious girlfriend

In a video clip of just a few seconds, the musician from Puerto Rico is seen holding the hand of his current girlfriend, in addition to showing off his valuable watch valued at thousands of dollars. After this, he chooses to show off the ocean before him.

So far, the identity of Anuel AA's partner is not known (Photo: Anuel / Instagram).
So far, Anuel AA’s partner’s identity is unknown (Photo: Anuel / Instagram).

But that’s not all because Anuel AA also added a picture of Pablito, his eldest son, resting on a chair and looking at his cell phone. In this way, Karol G’s ex-boyfriend would show that he is away from the media hustle that meant the challenge of Tekashi 6ix9ine.

The Puerto Rican singer showed off his relaxing days on a beautiful beach (Photo: Anuel AA / Instagram).
The Puerto Rican singer showed off his relaxing days on a beautiful beach (Photo: Anuel AA / Instagram).

This curious moment was shared with the song “LaLa” in the background, a musical hit by Myke Towers that has positioned itself at number 1 worldwide and has more than 50 million plays on Youtube.

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For the moment, the young woman’s exact identity is unknown. Still, it is certain that it is not Karol G, the Colombian singer with whom Anuel AA had a relationship of approximately 2 years.

Who is Anuel AA new girlfriend? Is not Karol G!

Although his days of relaxation have caused great astonishment among his followers, it is worth mentioning that this would not be the first time that the Puerto Rican has been seen with his new conquest or showing off his luxuries on social networks.

A week ago, precisely during the birthday of his ex-wife Yailin La Más Viral, the rapper had no better idea than to upload a picture aboard an eccentric yacht. All the spotlights pointed to Laury Saavedra, a Venezuelan model who had conquered the 30-year-old singer.

The photo posted by Anuel AA on July 4 next to the mysterious woman (Photo: Anuel AA / Instagram).
The photograph that Anuel AA published on July 4 with the mysterious woman (Photo: Anuel AA / Instagram).

In that sense, it is presumed that the musician would be dating the llanera beauty, known through social networks to be a prominent influencer in Latin America.

Some even say that the celebrity is already including her in his family plans by taking her on vacation with his eldest son, Pablo Gasmey.