Anuel AA’s controversial song directed at ex Karol G and Feid sparks social media outrage

The controversy surrounding Anuel AA's latest song that's stirring social media debate, with intimate references to Karol G and Feid.

Anuel AA is an artist who transcends what he does on stage or solo, recording and outside of it. This time he released a new song dedicated to his ex-girlfriend, Karol G, and who would be her current partner, Feid. However, the offensive character of his lyrics has attracted the most attention on social networks, for which the Puerto Rican has been severely criticized.

The ex-partner of Yailin La Más Viral, with whom he has a daughter in common, has been having a more controversial year than usual. First, he separated from his wife, then he recognized a third daughter whom he initially denied, and now he has released a rather controversial song, to say the least.

The urban music singer-songwriter released on May 5 his song titled “Mejor que yo” (Better Than Me), which has become trending due to the raunchy phrases against “La Bichota” and “Ferxxo.”

What does Anuel AA say in his “Mayor Que Yo” song?

The song, which in six days already surpassed 17 million plays on his YouTube channel, refers to a cover of his loving and intimate past with the Medellinense while comparing himself to “Ferxxo,” the other Colombian artist who has been standing out in recent times.

“It’s been a while since we ate; you already have a boyfriend. I miss you. He doesn’t understand you the way I understand you, and he doesn’t give it to you the way I give it to you. He‘ll never be better than me, no, not even writing down my little tricks on paper”, says the song at the beginning, in a clear sexual allusion.

In another phrase, we hear: “Like me, he’ll never make love to you. No, what you lost in me, you’re looking for in him. The only thing he and I have in common is that we both get to put it in you.

As it is logical, the publication both on YouTube and Instagram has had great repercussions, and thousands of fans and curious people have sat their position on the matter: the vast majority have questioned and regretted the disrespectful way in which he has referred to his former girlfriend, with whom he was with from 2018 to 2021.

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“Well, but Anuel has already passed shame, dedicate yourself to raising your daughters,” “Not even Shakira dared to so much,” “I understand you, Anuel, I am also obsessed with the Ferxxo,” and “Anuel looks like me, I do not get over my ex either,” were some of the comments.

Karol G’s response to Anuel AA: Better than me

The celeb has avoided referring to the song of her ex-partner. Still, it was learned that the interpreter decided to delete her photos with Anuel on her Instagram and that until April 2023, she kept them public on her profile.

And Feid? The Colombian continues to tour the United States, avoiding commenting on the matter in his networks.

More information about Anuel AA

Why did Anuel AA hate Marc Anthony’s music?

He is a reference to trap and urban music today. His musical origins come from home, and because of that condition, he came to hate Marc Anthony and his music. Anuel AA gave an interview where he touched on various aspects of his artistic formation, and there he revealed details of how his dislike for the songs of Nadia Ferreira‘s husband was born. MEET THEM HERE.

Did Anuel AA hint at Karol G and Feid during a live concert?

In the full presentation, the now ex-husband of Yailin La Más Viraldejósurprised everyone presents at his concert after he mentioned the interpreter of “Normal” in one of his lyrics.

“Could it be that the boyfriend left her? She’s always looking for me when she fights him,” are the authentic lyrics of the song, while this time Anuel AA vocalized. “Could it be that feed left her?”.