Anuel AA’s daughter Cattleya debuts in Yailin’s new bachata music video

Yailín unveils Cattleya in a new bachata, while Tekashi criticizes Anuel AA's absence in their daughter's life. Fans note striking resemblances.

On Sunday, September 24, Yailín “La Más Viral” unveiled a more intimate side of herself, introducing her daughter, Cattleya, in the music video for her latest song. The song, which is a heartfelt ode to her daughter, also marks a significant shift in Yailín’s musical journey as she transitions from the urban genre to bachata.

Yailín’s personal life has been rife with controversy, especially her past relationship with Anuel AA. Rumors swirled about her alleged hints towards her ex, singer Karol G, on social media. The subsequent breakup with Anuel AA and her new association with Tekashi 6ix9ine further fanned the flames on Instagram. The discourse took an even more heated turn when a photo of their shared daughter was posted, even though Yailín had expressed her desire to keep her daughter’s identity private.

Yailín "La Más Viral" presents her daughter. Screenshot from YouTube @YailinLaMasViralOficial
Yailín “La Más Viral” presents her daughter. Screenshot from YouTube @YailinLaMasViralOficial

The debut of Yailín’s song “Mía”, dedicated to her daughter, quickly garnered attention. Many fans couldn’t help but comment on Cattleya’s striking resemblance to Anuel AA. Observations ranged from “She is her father’s double” to “A clone of Anuel, but has many of your features too.”

The Tekashi 6ix9ine connection

While Yailín has not officially acknowledged a romantic relationship with Tekashi 6ix9ine, often referring to him as a “collaborator”, their frequent appearances together suggest otherwise. Tekashi’s involvement in the production and editing of “Mía” only adds to the speculation. The rapper’s presence next to Yailín’s baby in the video further fuels the discussion.

Tekashi 6ix9ine took to social media to defend Yailín after Anuel AA’s controversial decision to share a picture of Cattleya. In a pointed message, he criticized Anuel AA for his lack of support and involvement in Cattleya’s life: “You can sell the dream of being real, but I know you, you are a rat, the definition. That’s why you only have one photo from the hospital, you never saw it after you played the good daddy for the networks.”

With the release of “Mía” and the introduction of Cattleya to the world, Yailín “La Más Viral” embarks on a new chapter, both musically and personally, leaving past controversies in her wake.

Tekashi 6ix9ine next to Cattleya, daughter of Yailin and Anuel AA. Photo: Screenshot YouTube @YailinLaMasViralOficial
Tekashi 6ix9ine next to Cattleya, daughter of Yailin and Anuel AA. Photo: Screenshot YouTube @YailinLaMasViralOficial