Anuel AA’s Karol G shoutout backfires: Singer’s wig goes airborne during Orlando concert

Anuel AA's pining for Karol G backfires as his toupee flies off mid-performance, leaving the singer red-faced during his US tour.

Anuel AA mentioned Karol G again in one of his concerts, but he lost his wig.

Two years after their breakup and at least two relationships that left him with two daughters, the 30-year-old reggaetonero Anuel AA is still not over Karol G, 32.

Now that he is on tour in the United States, Anuel AA mentioned his ex-girlfriend again while performing one of his hits.

But it seems that karma did its thing because shortly after, something happened that made Anuel AA live an embarrassing moment recorded in a viral video.

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Anuel AA (@anuel AA / Instagram)

Anuel AA remembers Karol G in concert.

Over the weekend, during one of his concerts in the United States, Anuel AA was singing the song ‘Amanece’ when he took advantage of one of the verses to remember his ex, saying, “Like Karol G in my bed.”

Upon hearing it -as can be seen in a viral video, the audience present burst into cheers, showing that they miss seeing Anuel AA and Karol G together.


This is not Anuel AA’s first mention of the ‘TQG’ performer. In Venezuela, the boricua sang one of the songs he performed several years ago with his ex, and after the breakup, he left in oblivion.

Karma? The smoke cannon plays a dirty trick on Anuel AA and embarrasses him.

What has Karol G said about what her ex has done? Not a single word, as she seems to be focused on moving on with her life and leaving the past in the past.

But, life seems to have reacted to Anuel AA’s message and not in a good way.

In another video that has gone viral, you can see the moment when Anuel AA is performing on stage, when, while walking near a smoke cannon, it shoots the cap he was wearing… along with the wig he wears to hide his alopecia problems.

Anuel AA reacts, drawing an angry expression, and even seems to have let out a curse.