Anuel and Yailin will premiere a song on Karol G’s birthday, and announce it from bed

Anuel’s social networks are on and the Puerto Rican artist will premiere a song with his new girlfriend, Yailin “the most viral”, on February 14. Anuel has made the announcement through her Instagram account and her followers have quickly told her everything and that is that the day they chose to launch the song is also Karol G’s birthday, the ex-girlfriend of the Puerto Rican singer.

“If you are looking for me I am in the neighborhood” February 14 February 14 February 14 February February 14 February 14 February 14 February 14 February 14 February 14 February 14 February 14 FEBRUARY 14 FEBRUARY 14 FEBRUARY 14 FEBRUARY 14”, this was the message that Anuel wrote along with a video in which he is seen quite close to Yailin and next to a bed, from which the Dominican stands up, turns around and starts to dance while wearing a tiny swimsuit.

These are some of the comments that Karol G‘s ex-boyfriend has left in his publication:

“There was no other date”

“But Feb 14 is Karol’s birthday”

“He is the one who loves her and has not surpassed Karol yet”

“Ahahahaha you remember that date very well, February 14 is the birthday of your only true love”

“So many days that February brings and they take it out on Karol’s birthday, get over it”

“Karol G’s birthday”

“Yes, yes, we already know on the 14th your patron saint is celebrating”

Fans of Karol G and Anuel do not easily forget the relationship between both artists of the urban genre and now that the Puerto Rican is with Yailin, they remind him every chance they get.

In a concert that the Colombian singer recently offered, she left some comments that gave more than one of her followers a lot to think about, and that is that Karol G spoke of an infidelity in the past: “A woman who got into my relationship and took it from me. At the end of the day, mommy, if she was like that with me…“Said the Colombian from the stage. Was she talking about Yailin?

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