Anuel AA and Yailin welcome baby Cattleya to the world with a heartwarming message and a photo

Yailin shared a picture of her newborn baby girl on social media. "I love you Cata", said the Dominican a few days after her birth to the baby she has with Anuel AA.

The first photo of Cattleya after her birth and release from the hospital appeared on social networks, but it was not as the fans expected. Yailin La Más Viral posted through her Instagram account a photo of the hands of the daughter she has with Anuel AA: the little girl’s face was not revealed.

“I love you, Cata,” was the message that the new mother added when posting the image where she holds the little girl’s hand.

This publication of Yailin, perhaps, defies a mandate that Anuel AA gave publicly: that there would be no photos of her little daughter for anyone. “No photos of my princess for no one. Start with your face… with your evil eye and bad wishes.” said the Puerto Rican singer.

Anuel AA and Yailin have received all kinds of comments after the birth of little Cattleya, those of love, happiness, and good wishes the most prominent among some others that are not so friendly.

Here is what Cattleya looks like, or at least what we are allowed to see for now:

It is unknown what day Anuel AA and Yailin ‘la más viral’ daughter were born. Still, the announcement was made by the Puerto Rican singer during a game he attended during the World Baseball Classic in the city of Miami.

Yailin’s message to welcome the little girl is accompanied by photos of the Dominican appearing in the operating room with Anuel AA by her side. “Welcome to the world, CATTLEYA, little princess! From the moment you arrived, our lives changed forever. You are a blessing, a gift from God that has filled us with love and hope. “Eager to see you grow strong and brave, full of love and happiness. We are excited for the adventure that is life, and we are happy and grateful to live it with you,” the Dominican highlighted.