Anuel’s girlfriend reached a million followers on Instagram in just a few days

Anuel’s girlfriend reached a million followers just a few days after they started showing together. Yailin, known on social networks as “The most viral”, surpassed the barrier of her first million fans on her Instagram account, a social network that she joined on October 2, 2021.

Just one day after posting the romantic gifts that Anuel sent him to the hospital where she was, after apparently undergoing surgery, the Dominican singer and dancer surpassed her first million.

In just a matter of days, Yailin went from having over 409,000 followers to over 868,000.

So far Yailin has not said anything about her new number of followers in this popular social network, in which he constantly shares images in which he shows and shows off his body.

The gift that Anuel sent him to his hospital room consisted of bouquets of red roses and a few stuffed animals, including people dressed as the animal.

Without words thank you for making me so happy in such a short time EMMAAA!!”, It was the message that Yailin wrote when publishing the beautiful video where the gifts that Karol G‘s ex-boyfriend sent her are seen.

“Mine!!!!!!! more mine than yours”, Anuel commented and left many emojis of devils and faces in love.

In previous images that were asked to see through the stories of the Instagram accounts of both artists, the closeness that you gave between the two was noted.

“My daddy”, was a comment that Yailin left Anuel in the repost of a story he first published.

And previously, We saw them show off the expensive jewelry that the Dominican already wears and that are quite reminiscent of Anuel’s own style. “Here the whole world is at least 100 thousand on top,” the Puerto Rican wrote at the time.

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