Anxiety Disorder: 5 Powerful Drinks to Reduce Episodes and Relax You

Anxiety Disorder: 5 Powerful Drinks to Reduce Episodes and Relax You

Natural drinks such as green smoothies, ginger tea, mint and matcha, are a great ally to calm anxiety.

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Believe it or not, currently Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem in the United States. In addition, to make things worse, many patients face depression at the same time and even more so with the consequences of a pandemic. Although therapy is an important part of treatment, today we know that food and the consumption of some natural remedies are an important pillar. While numerous food recommendations that shine for their calming properties have recently come to light, drinks are also a great alternative and in many cases they are an easier option to integrate into the daily diet.

In the last year, cases of anxiety disorders have exploded, however anxiety is not a new topic and in fact it tops the list of the most common and recurrent mental illnesses in the United States. There is data in which it is estimated that about 18% of the population suffers from itAlthough it is a completely treatable condition, less than 37% of those with some type of anxiety disorder do not receive treatment. Devastating side effects and drug dependence are among the top most troubling stigmas about treating various mental health conditions, so the idea is pretty straightforward, these drinks are a great help to relax and feel better. , plus, They have been studied for their potential to help with anxiety. Also due to their moisturizing potential they will provide other health benefits, they are also a great ally to combat insomnia and other disorders such as nervousness.

1. Golden milk

Coffee and energy drinks are generally bad options if you have anxietyTherefore it is important to find good substitutes for caffeinated beverages. A turmeric latte is the perfect place to start (also known as golden milk), it is a drink that enjoys immense health benefits. It even has antioxidant functions and there are studies that support its benefits to reduce anxiety, it is also associated with great anti-inflammatory benefits. There is still a lot of work to do, but anxiety and inflammation have been shown to have a link, therefore reducing inflammation may help with anxiety. Golden milk is a naturally caffeine-free comfort drink, which is also associated with great calming properties. The basic version of turmeric milk is only based on turmeric powder, black pepper, and some type of plant milk. Black pepper is important, as it helps the body to better absorb curcumin, remember not to consume it with sugar as it activates episodes of anxiety.

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2. Ginger drinks

Ginger is not only the quintessential ally for calming the stomach and reducing nausea. It is one of the spices with the greatest medicinal potential and has been linked to a wide range of benefits. This is not surprising either, as it contains many interesting bioactive compounds and many antioxidants. one of its main benefits is related to its ability to influence serotonin levels, decrease stress and decrease anxiety. Best of all, ginger can be added to the diet in many ways, including its use as a cooking ingredient and even as a supplement. Ginger drinks are an even better option, since you can use fresh ginger and drink them at any time of the day, the best thing is that they are also related to other health benefits. The best alternative is ginger tea, it will keep you hydrated, it is rich in antioxidants, relaxing and has anti-inflammatory properties.

ginger tea
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3. Green smoothies

Natural smoothies, made with fresh fruits and vegetables are a wonderful alternative and best of all, they are extremely versatile. They adapt to any taste, in such a way that they adapt quickly to the needs of each person, the secret to being beneficial against anxiety is to avoid the use of ingredients rich in sugars and fats. Bet on the use of ingredients with a high in antioxidants, fiber and phytochemicals. Among the most recommended are green leafy vegetables, berries such as blueberries and strawberries, and citrus fruits. In addition, adding spices such as turmeric and ginger will also enhance its anti-anxiety benefits.

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4. Mint tea

Mint is one of the aromatic herbs with greater medicinal potential. It has a relaxing quality that helps to dispel stress and anxiety, largely related to a active substance called methanol. Which also acts as a wonderful muscle relaxant, reducing some of the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. This is important because by reducing stress on the body, emotional responses will benefit, plus peppermint tea is hydrating and a great ally of the digestive system. It also enhances mental performance and promotes good concentration.

Mint tea
Mint tea./Photo: Pixabay

5. Matcha Latte

Green tea is a wonderful ally of health, not in vain is it considered the healthiest drink on the planet, it is full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Matcha powder is a wonderful ally and it could be said that it is the next step for green tea, with the advantage that it offers the same virtues of green tea only in a more concentrated form. A delicious alternative is the matcha latte, which stands out as a caffeine-free drink. Best of all, you can use any type of milk, cow’s milk will give you a creamier drink, while most types of plant-based milks are lighter. Some experts recommend the use of plant milks more in cases of anxiety problems, since there are concerns about the link between dairy and inflammation. There is also another advantage: matcha does not taste the same as green tea, it has some of the same nuances, but there are also clear differences and for many it is more pleasant.

matcha tea
Matcha latte. / Photo: Shutterstock

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