Appears slimmer in mini dress

  • Adamari López surprises in social networks with her figure
  • Show off your slim waist in a fitted white dress
  • They tell him to pass the recipe to Chiquis Rivera to lose weight

Stunning and increasingly beautiful. Adamari López surprises on social networks by showing off her incredible figure in a fitted white dress and followers highlight how beautiful she looks, however, other ill-intentioned users tell her to “pass the recipe to Chiquis Rivera.” to be able to lose weight like her.

In recent days, the Puerto Rican host Adamari López has been shielding all the loyal followers of the program Today by showing off her new and spectacular figure, since if before she was very beautiful, now she is more so when she appears with the outfit, which in the words of many followers, is the ideal for her.

The radical change of Adamari López vs Chiquis Rivera

And, since before the driver ended her relationship with Spanish dancer Toni Costa, Adamari López was already seen in intense and arduous exercises to lose weight, always accompanied by a healthy diet, after several months of work, it seems that the beautiful 50-year-old driver is beginning to show off these results.

It is through their social networks where the spoiled little girl has shown off her innumerable outfits, which are generally fitted and tiny dresses that further accentuate her slim figure, which she boasts with confidence in front of the morning cameras and through her account from Instagram.

Adamari López surprises with a great body in a white mini dress

Adamari López surprises with a great body in a white mini dress
PHOTO: Instagram

This time it was not the difference, since just a few hours ago on August 27 when Adamari López made an impact with a tremendous photograph, he published through the program’s Instagram account “Today”, where he appeared with his already characteristic smile, which is worth noting he inherited from his daughter Alaïa Costa.

In the image, which already has more than 30 thousand likes, it is possible to see the beloved short girl with a white mini dress with details on the shoulders, while she was in profile turning a flirtatious smile at the camera. This outfit further accentuated the slim figure she has been showing off lately.

“She looks slimmer and more beautiful than ever”; Adamari López surprises in white mini dress

"She looks slimmer and more beautiful than ever";  Adamari López surprises in white mini dress
PHOTO: Instagram

At the bottom of the photograph, where Adamari López wears a beautiful smile in a white mini dress, the program highlighted the face made by the host every time we find out that it is already Friday: “Our face when Friday arrives.”

Quickly various comments began to arrive, where the more than a million followers of the program began to highlight how beautiful the Puerto Rican looked, stating that every day she looked thinner and even younger, remembering her years when the host was still in performance.

“Let him pass the recipe to Chiquis Rivera”; Adamari López surprises in white mini dress

"Let him pass the recipe to Chiquis Rivera";  Adamari López surprises in white mini dress

“Very pretty and very well dressed, I did not like how they dressed her before when she was with Toni”, “if she gave her figure with all this short, this was a transformation of hard work”, “this is how you have What to wear, without many things and colors that make you look smaller ”,“ how beautiful she looks ”, were one of the many comments that could be read in the photograph of Adamari López with her white mini dress.

However, there were other ill-intentioned users who stressed that please pass the recipe to lose weight to the singer Chiquis Rivera, since they argued that it seemed that her lemon water was not of much use: “pass the recipe to Chiquis Rivera” , “How is it that Rosie and Jacqie are thinner than Chiquis Rivera who spends it with diets and exercise and even editing their photos, stop looking.”

Dancing to the ground, Adamari López surprises with video

Dancing to the ground, Adamari López surprises with video
VIDEO: Instagram

On the other hand, and despite the fact that they “undid” Adamari López in flattery in her photograph with a fitted white mini dress, showing her incredible figure, there was an occasion where the followers were not so “kind” with her, and it is that in A video published by the same Instagram account of the program, the beautiful host appeared while dancing reggaeton, something that was not very well seen by people.

In the short clip you can see how all the drivers were dancing and “dancing” to the rhythm of the music of the singer J Balvin, however, what attracted the most attention was seeing the driver literally dance to the ground, while enjoying the music of the Colombian.

They criticize her for dancing that way: “She is ridiculous”

They criticize her for dancing that way: "She is ridiculous"
PHOTO Instagram

And, despite the fact that Adamari López looked very sexy and happy, the followers of the show Today They did not see it this way, and they began to mock the way in which the beautiful driver was dancing, highlighting that “she was too old” to do that type of dance:

“What an empty and ridiculous program”, “Adamari makes her face like the one who dances the best, according to her she is eating it at the dance, this woman is a serious case”, “I think that Adamari is not doing very well” , “The older they are, the more ridiculous”, “The more ridiculous Adamari cannot be”, “The cap as always ridiculous”, were one of the many comments that could be read in the video. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE

Is she too flirtatious? Adamari López provokes the ‘jealousy’ of his partner in Hoy Día and ends up ‘consoling him’

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image
PHOTO: Instagram

In addition, the host Adamari López reluctantly appeared ‘chuleando’ a member of the program’s team Today, and his partner, Nacho Lozano “gets jealous”, and the short girl quickly goes to comfort him and fill him with pampering, making the comments grow even more that they would both look great as a couple.

It is known that Adamari López is one of the Hispanic conductors most loved by the public, and it is that the beautiful Puerto Rican has managed to win the hearts of many of her viewers, who are delighted with the beauty and charisma that Toni Costa’s ex possesses However, it has been that same charisma that has provoked several reactions in this regard.

Does Nacho Lozano get jealous of the same ones that Adamari López does to a partner?

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image
VIDEO: Instagram

Much has been speculated among users that Adamari López and his partner Nacho Lozano maintain a relationship, however everything has remained in simple rumors, but that has not stopped people from commenting that they would look very good together, and these presenters have shown the great affection and respect that they have due to the fact that many times they have been seen joking between cuts and programs, something that does not go unnoticed by anyone.

There was an occasion where Adamari López ‘went flirtatious’ and provoked the ‘jealousy’ of his partner Nacho Lozano, causing the beautiful Puerto Rican to go to “console him”, unleashing endless comments about it, where they commented that Adamari she gave a lot of “cuddles.”

Nacho Lozano jealous of the attitude of Adamari López?

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image
VIDEO: Instagram

It was through a video published by the Instagram account that is dedicated to uploading content of the Puerto Rican in social networks called @adamarilopeztorres, in this account a video was shared where the 50-year-old presenter appeared wishing everyone a nice day, while flattering to one of the members of the production team.

“Good morning in the morning, I’m here next to Ricky papasito, hottie, who helps us every day to be on time, to be present and to shut up,” said Adamari while kissing the member production, however, what no one expected was that his partner Nacho Lozano was going to get jealous.

“You are not left behind, you are also a delicious little thing”

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image
VIDEO: Instagram

Before these words of Adamari López a member of the production did, nobody expected that it would be his own partner, Nacho Lozano, who would get “jealous” to laugh at the words that the Puerto Rican said; “Bombín chuleria?” he laughs, causing Adamari to quickly go to “comfort” him.

With words that are also very flirtatious, the ex of Toni Costa responded to Nacho Lozano: “He laughs but he is not far behind, this is a little daddy, delicious, delicious little thing,” says the host while approaching Nacho and starting it to embrace and fill with pampering, this caused in the Mexican a dowry of pride. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE

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