Apple employees organize strike and ask not to buy brand products

A group of workers from Manzana that encompasses not only the retail channel of the company, but also AppleCare and corporate offices are organizing a strike before the end of the year to demand better Labor conditions.

The strike is being organized by Apple Together, a group of Apple employees who previously used the moniker #AppleToo to voice their complaints about working conditions, harassment and sexism at Apple. The group describes itself as “Apple workers in corporate retail, and AppleCare come together to change” the company.

They seek respect for the workers’ union

It’s unclear how many workers will take part in the strike, but the group is asking consumers to avoid buying in stores or online in an effort to “demand that Apple defend its image.”

Along with the strike, the Apple Together movement has also recently published a website offering resources and a Discord channel for employees who want to organize and discuss their frustrations.

“Apple prides itself on its commitment to diversity, fairness and an environment in which everyone can do their best work,” the website reads. “But Apple hasn’t met this goal for many of our current and former teammates, so we made a space to share those stories with #AppleToo.”

The group also continues to accept first-hand accounts of workplace conditions through its AppleToo story account on Medium.

Apple Together was first formed as the #AppleToo movement in August. In just four days, the group collected around 500 stories of bullying and other problems in the workplace.

The US National Labor Relations Board is reportedly investigating at least two complaints filed by Apple employees. The NLRB is also investigating the firing of Apple employees who spoke out about workplace conditions.

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