Apple might be planning to launch an iPhone mini

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IPhone Mini or conventional iPhone? That is the dilemma that in recent months has been contemplated among potential iPhone users. So far, the trend indicates that phones with larger screens are preferred by users, but everything seems to indicate that Apple will not give up its attempt to enter the market with a mini version of its iPhone model.

  • Apple has seen a drop in sales of the iPhone 12 Mini, but this might not represent an impediment to the launch of a similar model.
  • It is very possible that Apple will give a new opportunity to this type of device and that it will try to make it resurface and be one step ahead of the competition
  • The trend indicates that users have shown a greater inclination towards devices with larger screens: Will Apple be able to compete with this fact?

According to the newspaper El Nacional and the reports obtained by specialized portals, Apple has seen a drop in sales of the iPhone 12 Mini, which would suggest that the discontinuation of the model is seen as a possibility.

However, the Mac Rumors portal ensures that not only Apple has not taken into account the drop in sales, but that it will very possibly re-launch the same screen models on the iPhone 13.

If this plan is materialized, the future iPhone 13 would also be launched in four different models, including a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 Mini.

This could be released in the last months of 2020, and it would be a confirmation of Apple’s affinity for the Mini models.

Apple has contemplated two scenarios why the iPhone Mini could have ‘failed’ in its sales number.

On the one hand, the launch date of this model was given months after that of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, in addition to its presentation to the public coinciding with that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, a model that, due to its characteristics , caught the attention of a large part of the users.

On the other hand, one of the reasons that could have affected the percentage of sales of the iPhone Mini was that its launch coincided with the arrival of the pandemic.

Thus, it is believed that users opted for larger screens because it was more functional for their daily obligations.

Taking into account the above, Apple could include among its plans a strategy to place Mini screens in the taste of consumers, especially when people begin to return to their daily activities and are forced to carry smaller objects with them.

According to the Reuters news agency, iPhone Mini sales accounted for only 5% of total sales of its new phones during the first half of January, which represents a low demand for this version of the iPhone.

JP Morgan analyst William Yang explained in previous weeks that low demand for the Mini model could mean a halt in its production; In addition, the agency assured that the demand for small models of smartphones is low, and that “This is in the same line that we have seen in the global market, where screens of less than 6 inches represent a percentage of 10% of all smartphones sold in the world. “

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Will Apple Make Its Own Cellular Modems?

According to information shared by the portal BloombergApple has already started manufacturing its own cellular modems, which will be included in its upcoming devices.

The decision would end a multi-year partnership with Qualcomm Inc., said Johny Srouji, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies.

At an internal meeting held at company headquarters, Soruji communicated the decision to Apple employees.

Shortly after this announcement, Qualcomm’s New York stock fell 4.4%.

Along with these actions, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies also assured that “This year, we began the development of our first internal cellular modem, which will facilitate another key strategic transition.”

He also added that “Long-term strategic investments like this are a crucial part of making our products work and ensuring that we have a pipeline of innovative technologies for our future.”

Experts say that a cellular modem is one of the most important parts of any cellular mobile device, since this device allows calls and internet connection to be enabled through mobile networks.

Srouji announced that Apple started this project in 2019, when it acquired Intel Corp; Faced with this situation, Apple was able to bring together software engineers to develop its own cellular modem.

In another of his statements, Srouji pointed out that the modem is just one of several wireless chips that Apple is designing.

Those chips you mentioned include the W-series in the Apple Watch and the ultra-wideband U1 chip; the latter is useful for obtaining precise information about the location.

The latest iPhone models use parts made by Qualcomm, but Apple had previously opted to use parts from Intel, until it made a corporate decision to buy the unit responsible for making the chips.

At the meeting, it was not explained when the new iPhone model with modem will be ready, but it is known that Qualcomm will work in conjunction with Apple, at least until 2025.

Source: Reuters / El Español

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