Apple sued over child’s hearing loss and ailments

The company Manzana has received a request for your EarPodssince according to the parents of a 12 year old boy these wireless headphones were the ones that caused him permanent hearing loss.

It was in 2020, when the young man had the right hearing aid on while watching a series, and unexpectedly it played an amber alert (Notification of Missing Children), which was in a volume too tall for what it caused severe damage in the child’s ear.

According to the parents, Carlos Gordoa and Ariani Reyes, the loud sound of the EarPods caused a torn eardrumplus he damaged his cochlea and more significant damage to his ears.

point to the apple company as those responsible, presumably they were defectivesince the minor had the cell phone with a low volume setting, so this change it was detrimental.

More details about the lawsuit against Apple

More details about the lawsuit against the company Apple and its employees

it was the past Monday May 16 when the original couple from San Antonio, Texas, filed his lawsuit, in the federal court of San José, California, United States, for the “defective EarPods”.

The parents also stated that since the hearing loss, their son has lived with discomfort such as dizziness, nausea, vertigo and tinnitus (constant ringing and noise in the ears), plus since then he must use a special hearing aid in order to hear clearly.

They fear that this health condition is for the rest of his lifein the lawsuit also indicated that other users have reported problems with excessive volume of notifications.

apple employees

Apple and its employees

It has been reported that Manzana has issued an order for its employeeslocated in more than 100 stores from the United States, come back to use the mask as well as limiting the number of days in the office, this based on the new cases of Covid-19.

Via AmericanPost.News We also inform you that Apple is accused of interrogating and monitoring staff in a New York store.

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