Apple: What iPhone models are “out” with the new iOS 15 update

As every year with the fall release of Apple, we also look forward to the update of the iOS operating system, although it is clear that those who do not have the most recent models of these devices are not so excited, because practically their iPhone is almost discontinued not being able to update.

Today was the launch of the new Apple products, and the main protagonist was the iPhone 13. With this launch also comes the information of the date for the new operating system iOS 15 and it will be next September 20.

Which iPhone models will not be compatible with the iOS 15 operating system

  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • original iPhone SE
  • Even the iPhone 6 and 5 could not receive iOS 13 update

IF you have some of these devices, you will not be able to enjoy all the news that iOS 15 brings, the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system. For many users, It may seem unfair that a device that once cost between $ 600 and $ 900 is left without the possibility of updating its operating system.

The changes are for many of the pre-installed iPhone applications, and the main protagonist of the proposal is FaceTime.

Facetime will now be compatible with Android and Windows, will have an improvement in the sound and the background of the video call the user will be able to blur what is in the background. It will also have the Grid Video for group calls so that the person who is speaking can focus, in the style of Zoom or Google Meet.

There is also a redesign of the notifications, which will change the way they are grouped. In addition, it brings a new function called “concentration mode” with which you can choose a profile of use or work or personal so that you can separate the apps you use into groups according to the profile you are in.

There is also an improvement in the search for photos, from Spotlight. The system will recognize places, people and will even be able to associate content with contacts. Personalized memojis, Live Text and much more are the things that you will not be able to enjoy if you have an iPhone device that is not compatible with iOS 15.

PApple previously prepared for this release and released an emergency update, iOS 14.8, which includes improvements to the security system, because he feared spying software being installed on his computers.

It is about protecting computers from spyware that is installed through the iMessage messaging program, without the user activating any specific operation.

So, there are 7 days left for the new iOS 15 to be available, and if you have a computer of the iPhone 7 model and onwards, you will be able to count on the benefits of the new operating system. It should be noted that the iPhone allows up to 6 updates to its iOS operating system and with iOS 14 the models named above have already reached their final capacity.

If your iPhone is still not “discontinued” take into account that to update the operating system of the iPhone, Mac or Apple Watch, you must follow the following steps: Configuration / General / Program Update and there you download the new iOS 15 version .


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