Aracely Arámbula oxygen, causes alarm in her state of health

  • Aracely Arámbula with an oxygen tank alarmed her followers
  • The Mexican was working and suddenly the unexpected happened
  • He recorded a video to tell his followers what was happening

Aracely Arámbula with oxygen tank. The Mexican actress shocked her followers by alarming them with a video where she can be seen from her home receiving assisted respiration through oxygen tubes, could it be that she fell into the clutches of COVID and is having a bad time?

Through an Instagram video of Aracely Arámbula herself, replicated by ‘Chisme no Like’ it can be seen as through a live broadcast, the mother of Luis Miguel’s children commented that she had not been having such a good time in recent days because of so he decided to lean on an oxygen tank.

Instagram: Aracely Arámbula

With an Instagram filter so that her face does not look so bad, a colorful cap, a white blouse with horizontal stripes and a black cardigan, Aracely Arámbula broadcast live for more than 1500 people who connected at the time and explain why he had an oxygen tank.

Recently, the ex of Luis Miguel would have declared that he did see the series of his children’s father, but that he was always against showing his story because they would dramatize it too much and it would not be according to what really happened, however, now He reappeared and told something more alarming.

With oxygen, Aracely Arámbula causes surprise to her followers

Aracely Arámbula oxygen
Instagram: Gossip no Like

“You know that I sweat a lot and I took off my blouse when I got to my dressing room and, obviously, my body resents it, so I arrived on Monday with a little mormadita and a lot of sneezing …”, Aracely Arámbula began with her characteristic humor to all her followers who asked him what had happened to him.

“Well, Eva no longer beautiful, I’m not sick anymore, thank God … look at what I’m telling you, very happy, and I tell you that I was sneezing a lot on Monday on the plane and I was very sorry but it is completely sanitized and I I was low and was morose and sneezing a lot… ”, said the actress while she grabbed the tube that gave her oxygen.

He asked people not to be alarmed by the oxygen tank

Mexican actress with oxygen tank

And the fact is that the Mexican actress said that on Tuesday she was sheltered taking care of herself to get better sunrise, although she did not say that it was a flu, it was most likely, but on Wednesday she had a work appointment: “If you remember, yesterday I sent you some stories of some very beautiful studios where I was and I recorded the Patron who brings me very beautiful memories and then I was very morbid, “he said.

“That was yesterday and today I woke up incredibly well, my voice is different, as you can hear, I hear myself super better, but I am reinforcing a lot with my adaptogens, what I bring here is hydrogen and it is a super healthy thing for you, for the body, “he said, assuring that he had nothing serious.

Do you recommend using oxygen to your followers? Aracely Arámbula responds

Aracely Arámbula health

“It is ideal for the body, for the cells, but also for the skin, they do not know how the skin gets so those who tell me … well right now I have a filter because I am not wearing makeup and we are almost without eyelashes, so … ”, Aracely Arámbula recommended giving herself this type of treatment to improve her physical appearance.

In the video for Gossip no Like, people commented: “Wasn’t it the vaccine ???”, “I have the flu from changes in the weather, and I don’t need oxygen”, “Why do people always minimize everything to” a simple gripita ”and still going out and living together normally? This has happened to several friends and all have tested positive for COVID. But they have a hard time admitting it, while they keep spreading it “,” For a simple flu do you need oxygen? He gave you covid because you have not been vaccinated “,” If he gets one more injection of Botox, his eyebrows will reach the back of his neck “,” He has the coronavirus, it is done, “they wrote.

A few weeks ago he had a scandal with reporters

The Mexican tells what happens to her health

They go over it. A video is revealed in which the Mexican actress Aracely Arámbula is ‘attacked’ by a group of reporters while she was inside a car with her children, also offspring of the singer Luis Miguel. After this, one of the paparazzi opens the door of the vehicle, causing the maternal instinct to take over the beautiful actress.

Things get more complicated every day for the actress Aracely Arámbula, and the fact is that the protagonist of Mexican soap operas has not coped with all the tremendous media exposure that she and her children have since her separation from the singer Luis became known. Miguel. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ARACELY ARAMULA WITH OXYGEN.

Aracely Arámbula is ‘attacked’ along with her children by several reporters in Los Angeles

Aracely Arambula is 'attacked' along with her children by several reporters in Los Angeles
PHOTO: Instagram

Given this, the beautiful Mexican has done everything so that her children Miguel and Daniel, as a result of their relationship with the singer Luis Miguel, stay as far away from the press and the public eye, causing Aracely Arámbula to take out her maternal instinct to protect your children from criticism and speculation.

However, an event recently occurred in the city of Los Angeles that caused “La Doña” to quickly protect her children when she saw how a reporter opened the car where they were, causing the actress to quickly hide the face of one of her children. sons.

“Give the face woman”; Aracely Arámbula is ‘attacked’ along with her children by several reporters in Los Angeles

PHOTO: Instagram

In the video, which was shared by various accounts on the Instagram social network, including the @ chamonic3 account, it is possible to observe how a group of reporters were surrounding Aracely Arámbula’s car, while the actress was inside and his sons.

During the clip, the reporters were demanding from Luis Miguel’s ex why he had beaten one of his colleagues, telling him to “show his face” and come out to clarify the situation: “Why don’t you want to talk to the media? from Los Angeles ”, a reporter asks him at the beginning of the video.

They recriminate him for having hit a reporter; Aracely Arámbula is ‘attacked’ along with her children by several reporters in Los Angeles

They recriminate him for having hit a reporter;  is 'attacked' along with her children by several reporters in Los Angeles
PHOTO: Instagram

Later, another reporter asked Aracely Arámbula why she had allegedly hit one of her colleagues: “Yesterday they behaved very badly with a reporter, why did you hit her? Give your face a woman ”, were one of the many things that could be heard from several of the paparazzi who were there.

And it is that, despite the fact that it was not seen inside the car in which the protagonist of Telemundo soap operas was traveling, because the windows were tinted, one of the reporters affirmed that “La Doña” was recording everything with her cell phone, while he was guarding the faces of his children.

They open the car door without permission; Aracely Arámbula is ‘attacked’ along with her children by several reporters in Los Angeles

They open the car door without permission;  is 'attacked' along with her children by several reporters in Los Angeles
PHOTO: Instagram

And if things weren’t going to get worse for her, Aracely Arámbula’s annoyance increased even more when one of the reporters opened the door of the car where one of her children was without permission, which caused the actress to quickly grab to his offspring and covered his face with a jacket, while shouting: “Close him, close him! Can not do that”.

These actions caused the followers and fans of the actress to be quite surprised and annoyed by the attitude that the reporters had against ‘La Chule’, ensuring that they had deliberately infringed on the privacy of her and her children when opening the door from your car without permission.

“What a lack of respect for your privacy”

They open the car door without permission;  is 'attacked' along with her children by several reporters in Los Angeles
PHOTO: Instagram

Through the account of the program Chisme En Vivo, you can see several comments from some of the followers of the actress and singer, who did not hesitate to leave their comment on the matter, crossing out the attitude that some reporters had against Aracely Arámbula and their children.

“But did the paparazzi open the car door for you? Now they did go over there ”,“ how daring, they put their fist on them and then they are complaining ”,“ what lack of respect, she has never been exhibiting her children, then they give them and then there yes ”,“ the reporters come over, that barbarians, abusive ”,“ people have the right to their privacy and intimacy, respect that small part, do not be ordinary ”, were one of the many comments that could be read in the video. VIDEO HERE Some images of this note come from this and this videos.

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