Arath de la Torre announced the death of his stepfather with an emotional message

The actor expressed his feelings to his fans (Photos: Instagram / @ arathdelatorre)

Actor and conductor Arath of the Tower announced the death of his stepfather, Armando Villanueva, to whom he dedicated a emotional farewell message.

Through his official Instagram account, the host of the morning show of Televisa, Today, he opened his heart to his followers and expressed his feelings regarding the loss of his stepfather.

“You left in peace, daddy; You educated me, you hugged me, you gave me many tools to survive and above all a lot of love and not to give up on anything. You left me two wonderful brothers and you always fought for the family. Fly high daddy I’ll miss you a lot“Wrote the actor accompanied by a couple of photographs, the first is a portrait of Armando Villanueva, while the second shows a priest behind an urn.

In this publication you can read some supportive comments from various figures of the entertainment industry in Mexico, such as her fellow program members: Shanik berman Y Andrea Legarretaas well as the singer Mariana Seoane, Haydeé Navarra, the producer Memo from the Forest, Maribel Guardia, among others.

(Photo: Instagram / @ arathdelatorre)
Various entertainment figures showed their support for the actor (Photo: Instagram / @ arathdelatorre)

The news was released thanks to his half sister Paty Villanueva, who like the protagonist of The Simulators, he dedicated a farewell message to his father.

Fly high daddy. Rest in peace. I love you and you are always in my heart. Thank you for being so good and always accompanying me”, The young woman wrote through social networks on December 28.

Both Paty and Arath decided to keep the details to themselves and did not explain the reasons for their father’s death.

It is worth mentioning that during the interview with the driver Yordi Pink, on November 6, 2020, Arath recalled that when he and his father met again, the memories of the good times they lived were present and they realized that the bonds of love that bound them had never been broken.

(Photo: Instagram / @ villanuevapaty)
His half sister announced the loss of Arath de la Torre (Photo: Instagram / @ villanuevapaty)

On that occasion, the protagonist of A lucky family revealed that, at present, he does not have any kind of relationship with his brother, also an actor Ulises de la Torre.

We do not get along, we are a little water and oil. I respect him a lot, I love him a lot, I love him, he is my brother and it hurts me a lot not to have a very good relationship with him, but I have not heard from him for a long time ”, he was sincere before the camera of Yordi Rosado.

Arath de la Torre acknowledged that their paths began to separate when his brother decided to venture into acting.

“When I was doing Dreamers He was entering the Marketing career, we are talking about an abyss of approximately 10 years of career. When he leaves the race he decides to be an actor and I think he believed that money was going to rain on him and the truth is that this has been very difficultSo my relationship with my brother has been very difficult, “he said.

Photo: Instagram / @ udelatorre_b
Arath de la Torre revealed that he does not have a good relationship with his brother Ulises (Photo: Instagram / @ udelatorre_b)

Without giving too much detail about what happened, Arath stressed that the two are very different.

“Basically it is we are very different, people think we are the same. I have a totally opposite personality from my brother even though we look alike (physically) ”, he affirmed.

However, the interpreter of Pancho lopez He assured that the day his brother needs him, he will be there to support him.

The day you need me I’ll be there because when he has needed me, I have been there and he knows it, and likewise, he has taken me out of difficult and strong things, he is my brother and he knows that he is counting on me, but that is only brotherhood ”, he clarified.


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