Araujo Details Pablo Lyle’s Prison Life and Their Children’s Traumatic Visits With the Actor

Telenovela actor Pablo Lyle adjusts to prison life in Florida; wife discussed their young children's traumatic visits with imprisoned father.

Pablo Lyle, a popular Mexican telenovela actor, was sentenced in February 2023 to 5 years in prison and 8 years probation after being found guilty of manslaughter in the death of a man during a 2019 road rage incident in Miami. Lyle has been serving his sentence at a correctional facility in Florida while his legal team appeals the court’s ruling.

In an emotional recent interview, Lyle’s ex-wife Ana Araujo spoke openly about the toll this case has taken on their family, especially their two young children. She also revealed new details about the 42-year-old actor’s adjustment to life behind bars over the past few months.

Rare Glimpse Into Pablo Lyle’s Life in Prison

Araujo confessed that the first visit she and the children made to see Pablo Lyle in prison was incredibly difficult, with their son becoming feverish and ill from the distress. However, she said subsequent visits have become calmer as the reality of their father’s incarceration sets in.

The family now makes regular trips from their home in Mazatlán to the Florida correctional facility to spend a few hours with Lyle. They often pass the time by playing UNO or eating soups together in the stark visiting area.

“It’s the most delicious food there,” Araujo said, explaining that simple things like packaged soups have taken on an outsized significance for someone who once enjoyed gourmet meals and his family.

Pablo Lyle's children visit him in prison in Miami
Pablo Lyle’s children visit him in prison in Miami

According to Araujo, Lyle himself tries to keep an upbeat attitude around his kids, never letting on how extremely hard prison life must be for him. “They always look on the bright side. That always impresses me,” she said.

Coping With the Shock of Prison

In the early days of Lyle’s incarceration, however, Araujo admitted things were bleak:

“He was vulnerable, broken and in a process of reconstruction.”

Enduring the grueling trial and then the guilty verdict last October was also devastating for Araujo and their family:

Also interesting:

“One of the most painful moments for me was the subject of the trial. I remember that day a lot. To me, the first thing I thought when they said ‘Guilty’ was, ‘I have to give this information to my kids.'”

Financial and Emotional Hardship for Pablo Lyle’s Family

Beyond coping with Lyle’s imprisonment, the family has also faced severe financial challenges. With Lyle as the main breadwinner, Araujo said, “We ran out of money. I saw everything gray.”

The situation spurred her to start her own business, a bakery she runs from home. While still a struggle, becoming financially independent has been empowering, Araujo said.

Through it all, she and her children have relied on support from extended family and friends. Their tight bond has likely helped the kids process the trauma of their father’s crime and punishment. Araujo said she’s proudly watched her children demonstrate resilience and maturity despite their pain.

Pablo Lyle will remain in prison for 5 years
Pablo Lyle will remain in prison for 5 years

What’s Next for Pablo Lyle?

While Lyle pursues his legal appeal, some believe he may be transferred to a prison in Mexico to serve out his sentence instead. As an alternative, he could potentially apply for re-entry into the Mexican entertainment industry upon release.

For now, Pablo Lyle passes his days in a small Florida cell, only able to see his beloved family during closely supervised visits. His promising acting career has been halted indefinitely.

And the man he killed, 63-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernández, leaves behind his own grieving family forever. They must carry on without a husband, father, and grandfather – all due to Lyle’s ill-fated decision to act in a fit of anger that warm March day back in 2019.

An Avoidable Tragedy With Lasting Consequences

The Pablo Lyle case stands as a sober reminder that split-second choices made in rage can destroy lives. While Lyle serves his debt to society, we can only hope he emerges rehabilitated and determined to use his experience to spread a message of nonviolence and restraint.