Arby’s has a 91-year-old employee who has been working full-time for ten years.

An Arby’s restaurant in northern Indiana has a 91-year-old employee who has been working full-time for ten years.his name is Jack Burkett and he is considered the best worker in the place.

Jack is a widower who started working at Arby’s to stay active and chose the restaurant located on Emerson Drive in Elkhart because it is the place where he and his late wife used to eat.

“Before my wife passed away, we used to come here three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” Jack told WNDU.

When Jack communicated his desire to work there, he said he was willing to work for free. General manager Rosemary Gresso explained to her regular that he couldn’t volunteer at the restaurant, but he would be hired.

“And they said, ‘When do you want to go to work?’ And I said, ‘Now. Today.’ So she said, ‘No, not today, tomorrow,’” Jack recalled.

Arby’s Longtime Employee started as an assistant in the lobby and has become a jack of all trades at the restaurant, cleaning tables, cleaning booths, and washing dishes.

Jack is a responsible employee and he is always willing to do more than what is asked. “As usual, he works seven days a week, but I don’t even put him on my schedule anymore because he just shows up”, explains Gresso.

Even though he frequently eats fast food, the 91-year-old feels like he’s still keeping fit. He loves the burgers at Arby’s. “Can’t beat the carne asada. The roast beef is out of this world. It’s a hamburger, but it’s not,” says Jack.

Jack says that her secret to staying strong is a shot of apple cider vinegar that she drinks daily. Trick that he also shares with his teammates.

Jack Burkett isn’t the only person in America in his 90s who is excited about his job at a fast-food restaurant. Earlier this month, a Chick-Fil-A in Texas celebrated a 91-year-old woman for her 10th anniversary at the restaurant.

Chick-Fil-A in Odessa decided to invite patrons to a party celebrating Elizabeth Ann Mafford, known as “Mrs. Ann”, who is well liked by her clients and co-workers, describe her as a sweet and friendly person.

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