Arcángel and Peso Pluma Announce La Chamba, a New Collaboration Celebrating Hardworking Latinos

Amidst an international surge in regional Mexican music, Arcángel and Peso Pluma release a song that epitomizes the fusion of rap and corridos tumbados

In a global music scene where regional Mexican music is taking the world stage, artists worldwide are scrambling to collaborate with the genre’s current luminaries. Bad Bunny’s partnership with Grupo Frontera in “Unx100to” and Shakira’s duet with Fuerza Regida in “El Jefe” is indicative of this burgeoning trend.

Arcángel and Doble P: A Meeting of Musical Minds

Arcángel, an American rapper with Dominican roots, has tapped into this cultural moment by announcing an upcoming song with Peso Pluma—also known as Doble P—the Mexican star whose corridos tumbados have won global acclaim. The announcement was made on the rapper’s social media channels, fueling anticipation for the new collaboration.

Here is a preview:

“They say that work dignifies man, and since I was a kid, I’ve loved LA CHAMBA,” Arcángel shared on Instagram. He added, “I told you my favorite sport, and that’s working for what’s mine! There is no harder working race than Latinos, and we prove it wherever we stand.”

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A Song for the People: “La Chamba”

Scheduled to drop at 6 p.m., the new song is titled “La Chamba.” Arcángel notes that the track is “Dedicated to all the neighborhoods of Latin America and the whole world, dedicated to those hardworking and dreamy people willing to sacrifice everything to achieve their dreams.”

Peso Pluma’s Contradictory Stance on Collaborations

Although Peso Pluma and Arcángel seem to be in harmony for this collaboration, it’s worth noting that the corridos tumbados artist has had a checkered history with cross-genre collaborations. The Mexican singer has publicly derided Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny, stating, “We are the first to put a corrido in the top 1, surpassing Bad Bunny’s pend. Why? Because we Mexicans are the fing ver**, man.”

Yet, when asked in a recent interview at the Billboards Latin Music Awards about potential future collaborations, Peso Pluma seemed to have a change of heart. Asked if there was someone he wanted to collaborate with, the tapatío replied unequivocally: “Benito, one hundred percent.” Asked to elaborate, Peso Pluma stated, “He is a super good person who I had the opportunity to meet at Coachella, and I think that many good things can come out of a collaboration between him and me.”

Looking Ahead: What This Means for the Music Industry

As the world leans into regional Mexican music, collaborations like the one between Arcángel and Peso Pluma not only validate the genre’s importance but also underscore the evolving dynamics of Latino artists working across traditional musical boundaries.