Possible early arrival for Christian Nodal and Cazzu’s daughter prompts concert cancellation

Sudden tour pause and silence on socials spark debate over Nodal and Cazzu's potential early parenthood. Has the princess arrived?

This Sunday afternoon, July 9, news surfaced that Christian Nodal and Cazzu may have already become parents and already have their little daughter in their arms, this after the regional Mexican singer canceled a public engagement he had at the last minute.

The suspicions come just a few days after the regional Mexican singer announced that he would be on vacation for a few days to resume his “Foraji2 Tour2” in August, so this could be the reason for his days off.

Is Nodal and Cazzu’s daughter already born?

According to “Chamonic,” an expert in show business and regional Mexican music, Nodal canceled his special participation in an MLB celebrity softball game in Seattle at the last minute.

“…I tell you that yesterday Nodal was invited to play in the MLB celebrity softball game in Seattle and he did not show up, so I think it is true that they are already dads,” Chamonic wrote in his social networks.

As of this writing, neither Cazzu nor Christian Nodal has commented on the news, as they have not confirmed or denied it since they have been silent on their social networks for several hours.

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Is your baby born yet? Photo: IG @chamonic3
Is your baby born yet? Photo: IG @chamonic3

Nodal revealed the possible date of birth of his baby. When is it?

Christian Nodal assured a few months ago in an interview with Franco Escamilla that they will not give more details about the birth of his daughter. However, the young performer returned to give information about his daughter in a chat he had with Hola! Americas magazine.

Nodal revealed the date on which his daughter will arrive in this world, since on social networks, some people assured everyone that she could be born in August. The regional Mexican singer said it will be in September when he will have his princess in his arms.

“…from Spain he confirmed that September is the due date,” reads the digital version of Hola! Américas magazine.

However, even though Nodal gave this information a few weeks ago, it could be that the couple is just misleading the press to prevent any image of the little girl’s birth from being leaked without their consent.