Are Christian Nodal and Cazzu already planning their wedding? this is known

Christian Nodal and Cazzu continue to generate great excitement among their fans, after the singers were captured in Guatemala, the rumors of an upcoming wedding they get stronger.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that the regional music singer has been very much in love with Cassu, with whom he began an affair a few months ago.

Let us remember that Christian Nodal, after his separation with Belinda, was related to various women, however Cazzu would be his first official girlfriend, after ending his commitment to the Spanish.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu

Are Christian Nodal and Cazzu planning a wedding? Cazu is pregnant?

The singers Christian Nodal and Cazzu a couple of days ago were caught attending a Wisin y Yandel concert in Guatemala, where they bragged about how in love they are.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu were seen for the first time holding hands in the streets of Guatemala, so their return to that territory has strengthened the rumors of a possible wedding at the door.

The reason why his presence in Guatemala has generated signs of a possible wedding, are some statements made by a priest of that community.

At the time, the priest said that during a meeting with Cazzu and Christian Nodal, the Mexican singer assured him that he would return to marry.

“He told me in a humorous tone: ‘If one day I get married, it will be here and Father ‘Choco’ marries me,” the priest said.

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Cazu is pregnant?

Cazu is pregnant?

After Cazzu’s participation in Premios Juventud 2022, rumors of a possible pregnancy began to circulate, because she was photographed touching her belly.

Shortly after it was ensured that Cazzu’s baby would not be from the singer Christian Nodal, as it would presumably be 4 months old, longer than her romance with the Mexican has lasted.

However, after Christian Nodal and Cazzu were captured in Guatemala, they have shown that their relationship is on the right track and they are still very much in love.

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