Are Karely Ruiz and Kuno Becker dating? rumors grow in networks

Karen Ruiz Without a doubt, she is one of the most coveted single women on the internet, which is why more than one has formed to be her new beau.

Possessor of unparalleled beauty and with millions of eyes on her, the influencer usually breaks hearts wherever she poses.

In that sense, the girl from the networks received a daring invitation from an actor, who, like everyone else, fell at her feet and made himself available to her.

Kuno Becker the influencer’s new boyfriend?

Kunno Becker the influencer’s new boyfriend? Who is Karen Ruiz?

It seems that social networks are crying out for the formation of this new couple, or at least that is what the actor would like. Kuno Becker.

The 44-year-old Becker has joined the long list of leading men who seek to fight for Karely’s love, this after commenting on a publication of the girl.

“Today I woke up wanting an ugly boyfriend, a jerk, who doesn’t do anything, who is kept, because I’m going to take him out of work, who’s in?” commented Karely.

Immediately Becker He decided to apply and through a reaction he was happy to be taken into account for said request.

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Who is Karen Ruiz?

Who is Karen Ruiz?

In recent days it is almost impossible that you have not come across his name, since it has been mentioned in the social networks.

Karely entered the adult entertainment industry with her account for onlyfanswhich has stood out for being one of the best paid Mexicans on that page.

Karen Ruiz She currently has millions of followers on her social networks, being also mentioned on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter, without forgetting Instagram, where her hot images steal sighs.

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