Are Marcos Estrada and Andrea Escalona planning their wedding?

Since Andrea Escalona announced that she is pregnant, her faithful followers and the drivers of the “Today” program They have been very excited about the arrival of the first child of the Televisa host, but what are their plans with Mark Estrada?.

In a recent interview, the daughter of the deceased producer Magda Rodríguez, opened her heart and spoke about the father of her baby, who has caught the attention of Internet users, since little is known about him, although what left her in shock several was that Escalona said that you have no plans to reach the altar.

We remember that in AmericanPost.News We share with you that it was on June 22 that the Televisa host revealed that she is pregnant. The emotional moment took the hosts and the audience by surprise, as the presenter has been very secretive about her sentimental life.

Andrea Escalona does not want to marry Marcos Estrada for this reason

The host is focused on her pregnancy and work The presenter is 35 years old

Through an interview with TVyNovelas, Escalona spoke about how she began her courtship with Marcos, whom she met in 2021 on his birthday and expressed of him: “A man of values, his incredible family, they have treated me well since day one”.

The driver confessed that they are not living together, he lives in the port of Guerrero for his work, while she in CDMX, assured that at the moment she is not thinking about a wedding: “I think planning a wedding is putting yourself under more pressure.” She expressed, since she is now focused on her work and her baby.

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How old is Andrea Escalona?

The host is 35 years old.

The host Andrea Escalona was born on August 6, 1986, and at 35 years of age she has managed to make her facet known as a host, businesswoman and singer, although for now she is dedicated to the “Hoy” program on Televisa.

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