Argentina presents International Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance Agency

Buenos Aires.- Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero headed today Tuesday at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK) in Buenos Aires the launch of the Argentine Agency for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance-White Helmets (ACIAH), along with the president of that organization, Sabina Frederic.

At the event, Cafiero stressed that “a Through humanitarian assistance and international cooperation, Argentina has left a mark on the world, and this is the time, then, to leave an even deeper mark with the consolidation of the Agency”.

“There are values ​​and principles of humanitarian ethics that our society has and that we want the Agency to stand out and promote in every step it takes. The global situation has marked us with new demands and challenges,” the official said, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Cafiero said that “the work in Angola, Mozambique and Haiti (…), as well as the work in the Caribbean, are some of the milestones that we can mention to underline the recognition of the work of the men and women of White Helmets and those who develop the international cooperation strategy in the Foreign Ministry, so that now we can continue to advance with all this task as a true State policy that has been maintained beyond the governments”.

Official information indicated that the creation of the Argentine Agency for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance-White Helmets brings together the National Directorate for International Cooperation and the National Directorate for Humanitarian Assistance with the aim of harmonizing the cooperation and assistance work of the State at the national, regional and international levels.

“In continuity with the actions carried out during the almost thirty years of existence of the Argentine Cooperation Fund (FO-AR) and the White Helmets Commission, among some of its functions, the Agency will represent Argentina and its specific interests in the international forums of its competence”, added the Foreign Ministry.

For his part, Frederic stressed that “with the creation of the Agency, our country has managed to get the State to institutionalize and rank two strategic instruments in favor of fight against inequality and solidarity between peoples“.

“On the one hand, a foreign policy to mitigate inequities in pursuit of development with the exchange of scientists and experts within the framework of the Argentine Cooperation Fund, born in 1992,” he said.

“On the other hand, the White Helmets state volunteering, an Argentine tradition that values ​​and promotes since 1994 humanitarian aid inside and outside the country in different risk and emergency scenarios,” said the official.

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Argentine cooperation, as well as the humanitarian assistance provided by the civil volunteers of the State, White Helmets, is based on the principles of comprehensive disaster risk management in coordination with the United Nations Organization, the Organization of American States and other international, regional and subregional organizations that account for the effective, technical and supportive ties that link Argentina with the international community, highlighted the Foreign Ministry.