Argentine model Silvina Luna dies at 43 after a decade-long health battle and failed cosmetic procedure

Silvina Luna faced health issues after cosmetic surgery, leading to her tragic demise at Hospital Italiano, sparking industry-wide mourning.

Silvina Luna, the renowned Argentine model and actress, tragically passed away at 43 following a two-month hospitalization at the Hospital Italiano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her lawyer, Fernando Burlando, confirmed her demise. Earlier in the day, there were grave concerns regarding her health condition.

Luna’s health had been deteriorating due to renal insufficiency, an aftereffect of a cosmetic surgery she underwent in 2011 by Dr. Aníbal Lotocki.

The tragic news was shared by the host of “Intrusos,” Florencia de la V, who emotionally stated, “I just spoke with Fernando Burlando. And sadly, I have to say Silvina is no longer with us.” Overwhelmed by the news, she had to exit the broadcast.

Shortly before the announcement, Gustavo Conti, a close friend of Luna and a fellow participant in a reality show they were both featured in, hinted at her declining health on Instagram. He posted a heartfelt message alongside a picture with Luna, his wife Ximena Capristo, who was close to the actress, and their child.

Following the news, the Argentine Association of Actors expressed their “deep sadness” in an official statement, highlighting her 25-year-long impactful acting, modeling, and hosting career.

Social Media’s Last Glimpse

Silvina Luna’s last social media post was on June 5th, from the Hospital Italiano. She opened up about her health challenges, mentioning her ongoing treatments for hypercalcemia and renal insufficiency. Luna shared her optimism about her medications, expressing hope for a kidney transplant.

She addressed those going through similar situations, saying, “I’ve started this new journey, full of hope, fighting this bacteria, on the way to the transplant. I wanted to update those concerned, those who send prayers and kind words. So thank you. We keep pushing on, stay strong.”

Silvina’s Health Struggles

It all started in 2011 when Silvina underwent cosmetic surgery performed by Aníbal Lotocki. The procedure led to chronic hypercalcemia and kidney failure. In a 2014 interview with Susana Giménez, Luna detailed the challenges that followed the surgery, emphasizing the dietary adjustments she had to make.

She pondered the pressures of the entertainment industry, which often leads to decisions like hers. Luna recalled, “Maybe I worked more by showcasing my body in ad campaigns, in lingerie. Perhaps this drove me because the industry has certain demands. Some producers would say, ‘Why don’t you get a nose job?’ or ‘You’re a bit chubby; why don’t you get a liposuction?’. You need to be mentally strong to resist these pressures.”

The Reality Star’s Rise

Born on June 21, 1980, in Rosario, Luna began her career as an advertising model and host. Her participation in the second edition of “Gran Hermano” in 2001 skyrocketed her fame, paving her way to more significant opportunities in the entertainment industry.

From advertising campaigns to acting, Luna was a force to be reckoned with. Her theatrical talents were honed under the guidance of esteemed theater professional Julio Chávez. Her versatility was evident as she switched between theater, television, and movies.

Her enduring spirit was also evident in her endeavors outside of traditional media. Luna was a pioneer in creating content for adult platforms like Divas Play. Later in her career, Luna started a holistic initiative named “Simple y Consciente,” focusing on personal transformation and empowerment.

Personal Losses

2008 was a pivotal year for Luna, marked by the loss of both her parents within a span of five months. This profoundly affected Luna, leading her to value life more. Her brother, Ezequiel, became her rock, supporting her through her health complications and personal challenges.

In that same year, Luna faced a media scandal when a private video with her boyfriend at the time, Martín Vari, was leaked online. Despite the distress, Luna remained resilient, seeking legal action against the platforms that allowed the video’s distribution.

The Medical Nightmare

Luna’s life took a severe turn in 2010 when she opted for a cosmetic procedure with Dr. Aníbal Lotocki. The surgery, intended to enhance her physical appearance, became the root of her decade-long health struggle. Luna became an advocate, warning others of the dangers of such procedures and leading a legal battle against the doctor. Despite Lotocki’s conviction, his medical license remained intact until Luna’s critical health condition led to its suspension.

A Final Farewell

Despite the numerous challenges, Luna remained hopeful and resilient. Her recent transfer from the ICU to a general ward brought a glimmer of hope. However, in a turn of events, Luna was readmitted to the ICU due to complications, marking a critical decline in her health.

In the face of adversity, much like the lotus flower she had tattooed on her shoulder, Silvina Luna showed resilience and strength. Even in her final moments, her legacy remains a testament to her enduring spirit and the will to fight against all odds.