Argentinian Actor Aldo Pastur Dies at 74 After Cancer Battle

Born in Buenos Aires in 1949, Aldo Pastur's acting journey started in the 1970s, culminating in over 30 films and numerous TV and stage roles.

Aldo Pastur, an acclaimed film, theater, and TV actor in Argentina, died Friday at the age of 74 after a battle with cancer.

The Argentine Actors Association announced Pastur’s death in a tweet, praising his “prestigious and uninterrupted career in film, theater and television” and offering condolences to his loved ones.

Acclaimed Career Spanned Five Decades

Pastur was born in 1949 in Buenos Aires. His acting career began in the 1970s as a production assistant in the film industry. He made his on-screen debut in a small role in the 1976 film La Parte del León.

Over his nearly 50-year career, Pastur amassed performing credits in more than 30 films and dozens of plays and television series. His best-known roles included parts in the TV shows Aprender a vivir, Mundo de muñecas, Dulce Ana, Rebelde and Casi ángeles.

He often collaborated with high-profile directors and actors including Susana Giménez, Andrea del Boca, Cris Morena, and Carlos Monzón.

“I’ve always earned my living as an actor,” Pastur said in one of his final interviews in July. “I recently did a film that I suppose will premiere this year.”

Battled Cancer in Final Months

In his later years, Pastur had focused much of his energy on theater acting, including roles in recent productions such as Casa Valentina and Cita a Ciegas.

Earlier this month, he was performing in the play Cita a Ciegas at the Kairós Theater in Buenos Aires up until he was hospitalized with cancer.

The Argentine Actors Association statement said Pastur battled the disease during his final days. The illness weakened his body and led to his death on Friday, November 24 at the age of 74.

Entertainment Industry Mourns ‘Unforgettable Talent’

Tributes to Pastur poured in from fans, colleagues, and entertainment organizations after the news spread Friday.

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The Argentine Actors Association called his death “very sad” and emphasized Pastur’s “friendly personality” and “unforgettable talent.”

Fellow Argentine actor Rodolfo Bebán said, “I had the pleasure of working with Aldo on El precio del poder. He brought passion, discipline, and good humor to every project.”

The news was confirmed by the Argentine Association of Actors, who said goodbye to the actor in their networks.
The news was confirmed by the Argentine Association of Actors, who said goodbye to the actor in their networks.

Andrea del Boca, Pastur’s costar on the hit 80s telenovela Mundo de muñecas, shared fond memories of their time on set: “We laughed constantly between takes. His creativity and charisma were boundless. I’ll treasure our scenes together.”

Meanwhile, entertainment journalists highlighted Pastur’s unusual path to acting success after starting out in the industry as a production assistant. Argentine newspaper La Nación praised Pastur for later becoming “one of the most beloved faces in national television.”

On social media, fans called Pastur a “true gentleman” who made memorable contributions to Latin American pop culture through characters on Rebelde and other modern telenovelas.

“Italian actor Aldo Pastur passed away today,” tweeted user @rebeldewayfan94 on Friday. “My deepest condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace after fighting hard against cancer.”

Lasting Legacy in Argentine Culture

Despite Pastur’s prolific career across artistic disciplines, local entertainment reporters expect he’ll be most remembered for helping to shape and define the telenovela genre during his 1970s-90s prime. Shows like Aprender a Vivir demonstrated Pastur’s range and cemented his heartthrob status across generations.

As the Argentine theater community continues mourning his loss this weekend, many have noted that Pastur’s steady work pace and devotion to his craft continued nearly until his death — fitting for a consummate actor dedicated to his audience till the end.

“There may never be another talent in Argentine show business quite like Aldo Pastur,” actress and talk show host Susana Giménez wrote in a statement Saturday. “Though he can no longer delight viewers with his authentic charm and skill, his acclaimed performances will live on.”