Ari Borovoy from Ov7 will be launched as a deputy and the networks turn their back on him

Ari Borova The 42-year-old surprised social networks by announcing that he would run as a deputy this year, so he asked for support not only from his fans, but also from citizens, because he wants to win the elections, so he immediately gave a brief introduction of why it is a good choice.

“Today I have made the decision to participate in a new challenge for me and I would like to invite you to accompany me as you have done in the more than 30 years of career that you know me, I will contend for deputy this year, in my life and in my career I have represented many talents, but today I want to represent you as a citizen, I hope to count on you”, said Ari Borovoy member of Ov7.

Although many liked the pop music singer’s statements, others did not like the idea at all, so they launched hate a la recien, a campaign launched by the artist, who for some years has been very successful thanks to 90’s pop tour, although also some controversies.

“I like you perfectly and I love everything you do in the field of entertainment, you’re a good guy! But they say out there that shoemaker to your shoes… I don’t know if I would go with you for deputy… follow him better in what you know do very well!!”, “Oh no! It is not that the level of preparation of our deputies is very high but…. Our congress is becoming more and more bread and circuses”, write the networks.

As if that were not enough, many remembered the problems that Ari Borovoy had with Ov7 in the past, since the actor also apparently did not reach an agreement with his companions on the 90’s pop tour, he even took them out without notice in the last dates, so they went against him through a statement.

It is worth mentioning that in a few months the tour of the 30 years of the musical group will start on a tour throughout Mexico, leaving behind the differences with their peers, although said controversy created a bad reputation with their audience.

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