Ariadne Díaz returns to telenovelas with ‘Vencer la Ausencia’ after 4 years away from TelevisaUnivision

Ariadne Diaz She returns to soap operas and has already been confirmed for the soap opera “Vencer la Ausencia”. The last TelevisaUnivision melodrama in which Ariadne participated was “Tenías Que Ser Tú” in 2018. In this new production, Díaz will return with the production company Rosy Ocampo with whom he made the successful “La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (2017)”.

“Overcome the Absence” is a new chapter in the “Overcome” saga that focuses its story on the problems of 4 female protagonists. The public has made deliveries such as “Overcome Fear”, “Overcome Heartbreak” and “Overcome the Past” a success and “Ausencia” will have Ariadne in the character of Julia. The actress will share credits with actors like Alexandra Barros, Mayrin Villanueva, Laura Carmen, David Zepeda, Daniel Carrera, Alexis Ayala, Mariana Garza, Felipe Najeraamong others.

Before the announcement that Ariadne was joining the cast of “Overcoming Absence”, the actress posted on Instagram: “After a few years and with all the love in the world I tell you that I am back in [TelevisaUnivision] hand in hand with my dear producer [Rosy Ocampo] and an amazing cast“.

Ariadne Diaz was one of the names confirmed for the telenovela What’s wrong with my family? from the producer John Osorio. However, at the last minute, Díaz said that she would not be in the melodrama that she ended up starring in. Eva Cedeno and Mane de la Parra.

“You know what I would have given to be there,” Díaz said in an Instagram Live with the producer. “For some reason things did not happen. You know that I had some projects there that we stretched, we tried… I will never forget Juan, as you gave me until the last minute to see if it could be resolved and to be able to work together, but it was immovable. Your project has many locations and I couldn’t be going back and forth because of that another one that I already had signed”.

Then Ariadne was one of the confirmed names for “Malverde: El Santo Patrón”, the period soap opera that she would star in. Fernando Colunga. However, before Colunga’s departure at the last minute, Ariadne would also announce that she was leaving the project. The characters ended up doing them Peter Fernandez and Caroline Miranda.

Ariadne confessed that Colunga’s departure was what made her get off the series, saying, “Fernando Colunga, with whom I had the honor of having several readings and who would have loved the project to materialize, did not continue any longer for personal reasons, so when I did not know who was going to be the protagonist, I also decided to get off the ship, that is the reality“.

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