Ariana Grande gets a restraining order against the stalker who threatened her with death

Ariana Grande gets a restraining order against the stalker who threatened her with death

Ariana Grande.

Photo: Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

The last of the stalkers who have tried to sneak into Ariana Grande, an individual named Aharon brown who also repeatedly threatened the music star with death, must remain at a safe distance from the artist and her properties, as well as her family, for a period of five years, according to the magazine Rolling stone.

The singer’s lawyers did not take long to request a judge to impose a restraining order against the aggressor, who appeared at the artist’s home on September 9 brandishing a large knife. After threatening one of the bodyguards guarding the entrance with that weapon, both the employee and his colleagues managed to subdue him, until the police arrived to formalize the arrest. The judicial declaration of the aforementioned bodyguard has been key in duly justifying this order.

Of course, the shocking testimony offered by the own Ariana Grande Nor does it leave room for doubt about the constant fear that both the artist and her husband have experienced. Dalton gomez since last February, when Aharon brown began his disturbing visits to the property where the couple reside. “The fact that Mr. Brown has been coming to my house on a regular basis for the past few months is terrifying to me. Based on their threats, I am afraid for my safety and that of my family, ”Ariana explained in the document provided to the judge.

According Rolling stone, Aharon brown You will not be able to approach the diva or her loved ones until October 5, 2026, from which it follows that this preventive measure came into force last Tuesday once the processing of the petition was completed. “I feel that, if this restraining order is not approved, Mr. Brown will continue to come to my house with the intention of physically hurting or murdering me, or of doing the same with my family,” the singer stressed.

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