Armie Hammer leaves rehab after sexual assault allegations

After spending much of the year in a rehab center, the actor Armie hammer finally he regained his freedom. Recall that the 35-year-old artist was singled out for sexual abuse and assault on a woman identified as Effie.

The controversy broke out at the beginning of the year after the victim accused the actor of Call Me By Your Name of having sexually assaulted her in April 2017 after they met through social media when she was just 20 years old.

So on Sunday, the artist’s lawyer confirmed that Hammer is no longer in the Florida rehabilitation clinic he entered last May after being reported for violent sexual assault.

Armie Hammer leaves rehab clinic

The actor entered the clinic last May. The actor is accused of sexual abuse.

As we made known in AmericanPost.News, the actor entered the clinic to seek help with problems with drugs, alcohol and sex while the police investigation continued against him.

But Effie’s case was not the only one he faced, because also in 2021, an ex-girlfriend of Hammer accused him of having committed a serious crime by sharing photos of her naked without her consent.

Months before, several women accused the actor of physical and emotional abuse, some even alleged that he sent them private messages about sexual acts and other fantasies, some of these fetishizing the violence.

Despite the scandals, the 35-year-old actor’s attorney revealed to E! News: “I can confirm that the Mr. Hammer has left the treatment center and it’s very good. “

What happened to Armie Hammer?

The actor is accused of sexual abuse.

Last May, the artist entered a rehabilitation clinic months after his cannibalism scandal and sexual assault, so that after nine months, the actor Armie Hammer regained his freedom in the middle of the investigations against him for the accusations of abuse.

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