Army in Mexico achieves historic confiscation of weapons from “Los Salazar”, an allied cell of “Los Chapitos”

The Mexican Army seized almost 3,000,000 cartridges and dozens of weapons, most of them manufactured in the United Statesbecoming a “historic” seizure due to its size, allegedly linked to the criminal group “Los Salazar”, linked to children of “El Chapo” in Sonora, in the north of the country.

According to official information, through the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime, in an operation carried out on March 1 and 2, the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), the National Guard and the Attorney General’s Office, managed to secure four properties in the state of Sonora.

Derived from intelligence work, information was obtained that a criminal organization that operates in Navojoa used them as safe houses where they kept weapons and drugs.

In a joint operation, military personnel provided peripheral security, allowing agents from the Attorney General’s Office and the National Guard to successfully carry out the investigations.

This is the largest weapons seizure in history.. The elements managed to secure 2,829,950 cartridges of various calibers; 14,722 chargers; 128 long weapons of different calibers; 100 ballistic plates; 89 grenades; 54 findings; 38 short arms; 19 machine guns; 12 tactical vests; 8 vehicles; 10 kilograms of marijuana; six .50 caliber rifles; 4 buildings; 4 trailers; a submachine gun; a grinding machine; a grinding machine; a light plant

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It should be noted that Sonora has been hit by violence linked to organized crime. As an example, Parallel to the seizure, this Thursday there was a shooting confrontation in the town of Caborca ​​between members of the army, state police and armed civilians.

Caborca ​​remains alert after the tension unleashed in 2020 by factions of the Sinaloa Cartel. That year alone, 196 murders were recorded in the municipality caused by the war between the cells of Rafael Caro Quintero and “Los Chapitos”, sons of Joaquín el Chapo Guzmán.

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