Army personnel acted with respect for Human Rights in Michoacán: Luis Cresencio Sandoval

Mexico City.- The Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval He spoke this Friday at AMLO’s morning conference to about the vivid situation in recent days in Nueva Italia, Michoacán. He affirmed that the personnel of the Mexican Army acted with full Respect for human rights by avoiding a confrontation with civilians, in compliance with the National Law on the Use of Force.

“The actions of the personnel – of the Armed Forces and the National Guard – have to do with the presidential guidelines on respect for human rights and the use of force,” he said.

In addition, he specified that the case fatality rate in the current administration is -626 compared to the previous two six-year terms.

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“In the present administration that the aggressions begin, that we have the numbers of injured and detained, compared to the dead, in such a way that in 2019 we have a record of fewer deaths in aggressions, a favorable number of -168, in the 2020 – 188, in 2021 – 253, so far this year we have -117 and we consider that the entire administration is -626”

While in the immediately preceding administration of Enrique Peña Nieto there was a +205 unfavorable case fatality ratio and that of Calderón delivered a unfavorable index of +266.

“It should be noted that when we identify that people do not have weapons we do not act against themthe law establishes the gradualness in which we have to act and also establishes how we must act against criminals, people who have weapons, it is also established at what time we can use weapons, at what times we have to suspend and respect human rights”.

He also took the time to present data regarding the decrease in complaints filed for the use of force before the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH). He clarified that there is a reduction of up to 44.51% in relation to the complaints received in previous administrations.

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