Around 13 violent events have been recorded in Cancun in 10 days

It is almost two weeks into the second month of this 2022 and the number of violent acts It continues to be greater than the days that have already passed, since in just the first 10 days of February, around 13 crimes have been recorded, including executions, robberies, assaults and even armed attacks on vehicles for alleged collection of the right of floor.

The month began with the armed attack on the car of the alleged owner of the bar “La Palapita” at Superblock 247, on Kabah Avenue, almost on the corner with tulle, the unit was a white Volkswagen Jetta, which presented at least 20 impacts from a large-caliber firearm; There were no injuries, only material damage.

The second event was Superblock 251, on Isla Guadalupe street, in the Paseos del Mar subdivision, there they burned two motorcycle taxis, subjects who arrived and threw gasoline, the alleged mobile was collection of “floor rights”; The third event occurred near Laguna Manatí, where a male person had bullet wounds, even though he no longer had vital signs.

Investigations continue to resolve the facts.

Around 13 violent events have been recorded in Cancun in 10 days

Some time later, at Sm 245, Calle 124, they found the body of a subject named Liz CJ Flower., who presented stab wounds, in addition to a bag and rope around his neck, apparently it was due to a lawsuit between rival groups. The count continued, when a man found a human skull in a green area next to Paraíso Maya avenue, Urbi del Rey subdivision, in superblock 107, the same rest that apparently was more than a month old.

Everything did not end there, because at night they located the body of two lifeless people on one side of the Arco Vial, at the height of Sm 247; the victims were in sheets and handcuffed. The next day, a woman was found dead inside a home on Sm 224, the deceased presented stab wounds, as well as blows, the boyfriend and brother of the aforementioned were arrested; presumably her partner killed her after an argument.

When it was thought that everything would end there, they once again requested support from Public Security on Av. Puerto Juárez, on Sm 90, where a man of approximately 50 to 55 years of age was wounded, after resisting an assault. Once again in Sm 107 another armed attack had been registered, on that occasion it was against the owner of a cell phone workshop, Rodrigo Alonso KC, 45 years old, the cell phone is presumed to have been for “right of flat”.

The violence It continued and reached Sm 94, where they executed a young man who was walking on 20th Street. The antepenultimate case was on Sm 247, as far as the authorities went to attend to a report of people inside a home, which is insured , by the FGE. One of the two detainees has a long criminal history.

Around 13 violent events have been recorded in Cancun in 10 days

The last two high-impact events were about the location of another human remains and an assault on a convenience store, the first occurred in the “El Pedregal” neighborhood, where officers found a human skull wrapped with industrial tape, while the last The recorded crime was the assault on a GoMart on Sm 227, fortunately the criminal was arrested.

These have been the violent events recorded in less than 10 days in Cancun.

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