Arrests ex-husband of Fernanda Aragonés, for alleged sexual abuse

After the complaint filed by the couple of Gael Garcia Bernalbusinessman A.Alexander Esparza, ex-husband of Fernanda Aragonés, was arrested by the capital authorities. The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City arrested and imprisoned the businessman for alleged sexual abuse.

The businessman was taken to the East Prison, for which they have indicated that more details of the businessman’s legal situation are expected to be revealed. On the other hand, they reported that Esparza has a daughter in common with the model.

Reporter Carlos Jiménez indicated that after the complaint against Alejandro Esparza, an investigation folder was opened, expert reports and studies were carried out, for which the authorities of the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office They requested an arrest warrant against the businessman.

Who is the ex-husband of Fernanda Aragonés?

They arrest the ex of the Aragonés model Aragonés started an affair with Gael García in 2019

The businessman presumed on social networks to be the director of Business Link of the mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas, in the same way he highlighted the work of the mayor, but he was apprehended in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office for the possible commission of the crime of Corruption of Minors old.

For his part, García and his partner have not spoken about it. On the other hand, we remember that it was last year that in AmericanPost.News We share with you that Gael García and Aragonés welcomed their first baby together; The celebrity has two children as a result of his romance with Dolores Fonsi.

Who is Fernanda Aragones?

Aragonés started an affair with Gael García in 2019

The former model studied Communication Sciences, she is the daughter of Miguel Ángel Aragones, a renowned architect, but after the writer’s romance with actor García became known, it has drawn the attention of users, although both have been very reserved about Your private life.

Due to his love for writing, he created his own blog “Fieralicious”, hence the nickname “Fiera”. In the same way, she had the opportunity to model for different magazines and brands, she is also a lover of contemporary art, but recently it became known about the arrest of the ex-husband of Fernanda Aragonés for alleged rape.

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