Artificial intelligence reinvents Harry Potter saga as an Italian mobster movie

AI-generated Harry Potter iconic wizardry saga takes on a 'Godfather' twist, turning spells into mobster power plays.

An artificial intelligence imagined the Harry Potter universe like a classic Italian mobster movie. And the fact is that every day that passes, artificial intelligence turns out to be a technology that surprises users of social networks with something new.

The trend in using artificial intelligence is to imagine things already existing and created by humans but from a completely different approach.

In this case, it was the turn of the famous Harry Potter movie saga, recreated by artificial intelligence in a completely different universe and away from magic.

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Artificial intelligence recreates Harry Potter as if it were an Italian mafia movie (TikTok | Screenshot)

From magic to Mafia: artificial intelligence imagines Harry Potter as an Italian mafia don.

One of the main characteristics that define the essence of Harry Potter is the theme of magic, as there are spells, magic wands, and all sorts of strange creatures.

But have you ever wondered what the Harry Potter story would look like if it had occurred in a more familiar place like reality?

You don’t have to imagine anymore because artificial intelligence has made it possible by recreating the Harry Potter story and its characters in Italy.

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And so that there is no lack of emotion, instead of being presented as the wizards we already know, they are shown as influential members of the mafia or one of their families.

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Artificial intelligence recreates Harry Potter as if it were an Italian mobster movie (TikTok | Screenshot)

This was the result of combining Harry Potter with the Italian Mafia

From what you can see in the images, the result of combining Harry Potter characters in an Italian mafia context is amazing.

Both the landscapes and the costumes that the artificial intelligence designed for are very reminiscent of films like Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather.

The artificial intelligence even went a step further and placed some dialogue from the Harry Potter movies but in Italian.

Thus giving it an even more surprising touch. Especially because this intelligence recreated all the actors who played any character within Harry Potter.