Arturo Carmona denies knowing La Bebeshita and she has proof that they left

Disillusioned and shocked are the feelings, Daniela Alexis, better known as La Bebeshita, 31 years old, feels right now, this after Arturo Carmona, 45 years old, denied her on national television, and the former assures that both They were dating in the past, but he claimed he didn’t even know her.

As if that were not enough, La Bebeshita was watching the interview where Arthur Carmona He denied it, for which she was shocked, but he immediately said in Venga la Alegría, that they not only spoke through networks, but even went out, for which he decided to label him as a little gentleman by denying her when she has evidence.

“The truth is that I find it very bad taste that you go out with someone, okay we were not boyfriends, we were getting to know each other, we were going out that the little dinner blah, blah seems to me to be in very bad taste as it is not gentlemanly to say ‘you know what I don’t even know you,’ said La Bebeshita in the morning.

As if that were not enough, what the ex-lover also did was show some conversations with the Mexican actor, making it clear that she is not a lying woman, because she even said that they both kissed, which caused more controversy when the driver also denied it, for what they are now waiting for Carmona’s response to the defense of the beautiful woman who did not remain silent.

“It was not correct that the production knowing what Carmona had said that they exposed the bebeshita in that way. And please let the bebeshita stop thinking that a man gives her value. Russia is valuable by itself”, “That Don’t worry about the little baby, she is very pretty and what a little man to say that!! Too bad for Arturo Carmona, I am glad that La Chule has sent him through a tube !! “, write the networks.

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It is worth mentioning that La Bebeshita is one of the most popular characters on Tv Azteca since she became known in Falling in love, where she began as an amorous woman and later rose to the top becoming a great celebrity.