Arturo López Gavito fights MasterChef Celebrity and they attack him in memes

Master Chef Celebrity started this Sunday August 21 and the controversy was not long in coming, as Arturo López Gavito lost control in the kitchen by teaming up with Julio Camejo who, by not following his instructions, caused a discussion that attracted the gaze of his colleagues and unleashed memes on social networks.

It seems that the controversy was the main ingredient in the first episode of the reality show and the “iron judge” took the fights of “The Academy” to the kitchen during the first challenge to the one who teamed up with the Cuban actorwho was restless and overwhelmed, putting aside Gavito’s plan for a shrimp dish.

It turns out that Arturo López Gavito lost control from one moment to another and began to raise his voice to get Camejo’s attention because he was ruining his dish, which attracted the gaze of other participants such as Mauricio Mancera who immediately made fun of discussion between their opponents.

Arturo López Gavito fights with Julio Camejo

Arturo López Gavito fights Julio Camejo Memes by Arturo López Gavito

It can be seen that despite the little chemistry that Arturo López Gavito and Julio Camejo had, they managed to get a good review from the chefs, although the annoyance was evident in who is now known on social networks as the “iron cook” and is already positioned as one of the favorites to reach the final.

“Being able to subdue the Tasmanian devil was a very interesting result.”

Memes of Arturo Lopez Gavito

That was what Gavito said before the judges, although behind the cameras he stated: “It was maddening, it was crazy. That they break your mental structure on the day of the premiere, they break with the paradigms and my mental order”.

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Memes attack the member of MasterChef Celebrity

Memes of Arturo Lopez Gavito

It should be noted that the comments were immediate and the fight between Gavito and Julio Camejo unleashed funny memes with which Internet users expressed their support and affection for the judge of “La Academia”, who already conquers his uniform for the program.

Memes of Arturo Lopez Gavito

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