Arturo López Gavito reacts to being called “invented” in MasterChef Celebrity

After a fragment of the first episode of MasterChef Celebrity, where they called Arturo Lopez Gavito “invented” for wearing a hat in the kitchen, the fearsome judge reacted and showed that he does not give importance to criticism.

On American Post News, we have previously informed you that the second season of MasterChef Celebrity began on August 14, causing a furor on social networks.

Since its premiere, the participants showed that they would steal the spotlight from the entertainment world due to their peculiar personalities, such as Arturo López Gavito, who became trendsetters before the premiere.

Arturo López Gavito responds to being called “invented.”

What happened to Arturo López Gavito in MasterChef Celebrity?

One of the most controversial moments of the first chapter of MasterChef Celebrity was when the influencer Ricardo Peralta made fun of Arturo López Gavito for how he showed up to cook, and the judge decided to wear a cap.

“I can’t stand López Gavito’s little hat, I thought the invented one was me, and it turns out it is Gavito, do me a favor.”

After netizens made the comment viral, the influencer Ricardo Peralta shared a video on TikTok where he recreated the scene, along with Arturo López Gavito. This way, the judge showed that he does not give importance to comments and criticism.

For his part, Arturo López Gavito assured that the cap was part of his uniform, as part of the respect he feels for the competition: “The cap is part of my uniform because I come to the kitchen in uniform.”

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It should be noted that Arturo Lopez Gavito, since the first chapter, has become one of the favorites of MasterChef Celebrity 2022 thanks to his peculiar personality and ability to cook.