Arturo López Gavito Will the Academy change for MasterChef Celebrity?

Arturo López Gavito is known “iron judge” in the reality show of La Academia, because he will be the one who receives the criticism this time when he competes in the most famous kitchen in Mexico, although doubts arose about his role in the first reality show.

It should be noted that La Academia is one of the favorite programs and the judges have earned a place in the hearts of the public for their fierce criticism, including Arturo López Gavito whose participation in “MasterChef Celebrity” has raised questions about whether he will continue as a music critic.

It is also known that Lolita Cortés and López Gavito have witnessed the birth of great stars in “La Academia” such as Erasmo Catarino, Yahir, Nadia and Yuridia, so their return to the 20th anniversary of the reality show was applauded by the public, who this time he questioned whether he would continue before his participation in the most famous kitchen in Mexico.

Gavito will be part of MasterChef Celebrity

Gavito will be part of MasterChef Celebrity

They have announced the formation that the “iron judge” will participate in the new season of MasterChef Celebrity, in addition to the participation of Margarita “La Diosa de la Cumbia”, Mauricio Mancera, Talina Fernández, Julio Camejo, Carmen Campuzano, Alejandra Ávalos, Alana Ibarra, Nadia, Carlos Eduardo, Karla Sofía Gascón, Ricardo Peralta, Verónica del Castillo, Ferancisco Gattorno, among others.

After confirming his participation in the reality cooking show, rumors arose that Arturo López Gavito would leave “La Academia”, for which the critic was questioned about it during the press conference before the rest of the participants.

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Will Gavito continue in The Academy?

“That place on the panel is sacred, it is not replaced.”

That was what López Gavito said when explaining that the concerts are on Saturdays and Sundays, while his participation in the kitchen will be during the week, so he will be able to carry out both tasks being critical and criticized.

When questioned about whether he will endure changing roles and now receiving criticism for his performance with complicated dishes, he assured that “MasterChef Celebrity” is a great opportunity to learn and that cooking is among his passions along with music.

Finally, the famous Arturo López Gavito said: “I come open, I come to be vulnerable, I come to collaborate with my colleagues and learn from everyone. This is an experience to grow as a human being.”

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