Ashley Tisdale bought 400 books to fill her bookstore before the cameras entered her home

Ashley Tisdale shares this house in Los Angeles with her partner and her daughter

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

For any celebrity, in this case Ashley Tisdale, showing the interior of their mansions to Architectural Digest is a unique opportunity. With this they manage to show off their purchasing power and also show a much more human side.

The old one Disney star has been the last to open the doors of his home in Los Angeles to the prestigious publication and in the days leading up to it she was immersed in a real frenzy of preparations to make sure everything was perfect.

In the last moment realized that there was still one detail pending to make it look like a real magazine house: The living room has a gigantic bookcase that occupies an entire wall and in which she had not yet put anything, so she had to fill the shelves at once.

“I have to be honest, there wasn’t a single book here a couple of days ago. I made my husband go to a bookstore and buy 400. Obviously he told me that we should wait, buy them little by little over time and put them in the holes, but no. I told him: ‘That’s not going to happen with Architectural Digest on the way’”, she explained.

Some of his fans have been very surprised at this confession, but Tisdale has defended her decision explaining that there are 36 shelves with space for 22 books and any other professional interior designer would have done the same as her: “I have only been honest about it,” she said on Twitter.

Throughout the tour she has offered of the house, the actress has shown with great pride each one of the corners because it is the first time that he has been in charge of all the decoration without the help of any professional.

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