Assailants ambushed Cristián de la Fuente and his daughter Laura was shot: the actor asks for prayers

Adamari López, Cristián de la Fuente and Mariana Seoane – Photo: Telemundo / Telemundo

What we know about the incident is that the actor Cristián de la Fuente was on his way with his daughter to celebrate her birthday, when two men on a motorcycle intercepted them. It all happened in Chile, where they still are, since Laura, the actor’s daughter, had to be hospitalized in an emergency after suffering a bullet in her right leg.

Faced with the ambush, it seems that Cristián managed to escape but in that attempt one of the assailants decided to shoot. Now, both the actor, and his wife, ask for prayers for their daughter’s health, as well as they want justice to be done and criminals to be jailed.

The actor and his wife are with their daughter, who seems to have responded favorably to medical intervention. Cristián de la Fuente has spoken about her state of health and these have been his words through social networks: Thanks to the infinite messages of love and chains of prayer for Lau who today has woken up better, after surgery where they managed to remove the bullet and keep her out of vital danger..

Thanks to the medical team that did an impeccable job in the surgery and to everyone who is taking care of her here at the Clinic with so much love. Life is very short and it can be gone in an instant. Lau is a warrior!

Keep praying for his speedy recovery. We love you very much and we will be eternally grateful as a family for this chain of prayer, positive energies and love that is achieving a miracle. Let’s stay united in light and love away from so much darkness. Today we can only give thanks that Lau is still with us.

Angélica Castro, mother of the minor, also shared a message about her daughter’s health: “Thank you very much for all your prayers, Lau is receiving all the medical care for her speedy recovery. Keep sending her good energies and her prayers. Lau is going to get ahead.”

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