Assassination test Octavio Ocaña. Will the murder finally be solved?

  • Will the truth finally be known?
  • ‘Evidence’ comes to light to solve Octavio’s murder
  • The young actor was killed after a police chase in Mexico

They reveal supposed evidence to solve the murder of Octavio Ocaña. While Lalo Spain and the entire production of the “Neighbors” program are preparing a very special tribute after the death of Octavio Ocaña, who played “Benito Rivers”, a ‘proof’ is released that could show how his murder was.

The team is already recording season 12 and 13, which will premiere the following year, and where the soul of the young man, who died at the end of October, will continue to be present, according to Agencia Reforma. “It is a surprise, but it will be a very beautiful tribute, Elías Solorio and the production sought to have the image of our beloved Octavio present,” said Lalo España.

They reveal ‘key’ evidence for the murder of Octavio Ocaña

“I cannot reveal to you how the group of writers managed, they will see many very beautiful surprises, that you cannot imagine, their image will continue … It took me a lot of work (to talk to his family), I waited several days, when I spoke with them we broke down, it was an explosion of emotions from so many beautiful memories, “said the renowned Mexican actor.

The death of Octavio Ocaña continues to be felt in the hearts of his fans and, to honor him, Piñatería Ramírez decided to make a figure with his iconic character in Neighbors: “Benito Rivers”. At the same time that the lawyer for the child actor’s family revealed the ‘key evidence’ to solve his murder.

They prepare tributes and the new tests are announced

They prepare tributes and the new tests are announced

It was announced in networks that the famous piñata business has launched one of the young actor characterized as a homeless man who will go out to ask for money, a personification that made him famous in the Televisa humor series. On the other hand, the recordings of the new season of “Neighbors”, where Octavio participated, began a few days ago.

Actor Pablo Valentín, who plays Pedrito Medina, also revealed that they are preparing a tribute for the young man who passed away on October 29. “We are very nostalgic, we are at the same time eager to pay eternal tributes to our beloved ‘Tavito’, as well as to our Polo Ortín,” said Valentín to the De Primera Mano program, a Mexican program where the test was also announced ‘key’ in the murder of Benito.

What is the ‘key’ evidence in the murder of Octavio Ocaña?

What is the 'key' evidence in the murder of Octavio Ocaña?
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The family’s lawyer made strong statements on the Mexican entertainment program. “I can tell you that neither on the clothes nor on the body of our dear Octavio there is any sign of gunpowder, that is, he never fired,” said the lawyer, according to the newspaper El Pueblo.

The comedian’s death sparked a barrage of criticism, outrage, and demands for justice in Mexico. The followers and family of Octavio Ocaña honored his memory with flower arrangements in the place where he died, marches and through social networks.

“Obviously it would have an exit hole,” says the actor’s lawyer.

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The young “Benito” marked the generation of thousands of Mexican children who closely followed the character of the Televisa series “Necinos”. Octavio Ocaña played a charismatic boy who lived in a building with his parents, who dreamed of seeing him succeed as an actor, despite the fact that the little boy made his wishes clear with his iconic phrase “I don’t want to be an actor.”

“The projectile entered his temple and had an exit hole, obviously the cap would also have an exit hole, which did not happen,” said the new lawyer for the Ocaña family, Francisco Hernández, in the program “De Primera Mano” , according to the newspaper El Pueblo.

They reveal ‘finally’ if Octavio Ocaña shot or not at the police

They reveal 'finally' if Octavio Ocaña shot or not at the police
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In addition to the explosive statements about the cap of the 22-year-old Mexican comedian, the lawyer questioned the actions of the Mexican authorities who persecuted him through the streets of the State of Mexico and even denounced “serious” violations of the actor’s human rights.

“There are elements to prove and presume that there are serious human rights violations. There is nothing that proves or that can even induce us to the idea that Octavio Ocaña never fired, not even his other companions, ”stated Francisco Hernández, according to the aforementioned media.

Neighbor actor breaks the silence about the ‘strange’ circumstances of the death of “Benito”.

Neighbors actor breaks the silence about the 'strange' circumstances of the death of
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Pablo Valentín, Octavio Ocaña’s former partner, added that it has been very difficult for him and his colleagues in the comic series to assimilate that they lost their partner in that way. “It is very strange, they are things that one does not imagine but we are very happy that there is always that image of my Tavito,” said the actor.

“He will remain as our light, our beloved child and we will always remember him that way,” he said, according to Agencia Reforma. “We know that there are many problems right now, different versions (of death) but we want to honor his image, the one he left us, the one we share with him in ‘Necinos,'” said the Televisa actor.

After ‘disappearing’ from everywhere, the ex-fiancee of Ocaña breaks the silence and gives an unexpected statement

After 'disappearing' from everywhere, the ex-fiancee of Ocaña breaks the silence and gives an unexpected statement
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More than a month has passed since the young Televisa actor was murdered on the streets of the State of Mexico, and after a ‘storm’ of news, criticism, fraud and mourning, the ex-fiancee of the comedian decided to ‘disappear’ from the public eye and deal with his mourning, something that caused serious concerns among those who followed the case closely.

Finally, weeks after the death of the actor, Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s ex-fiancee, broke the silence and confirmed the suspicions of many. “I get depressed and spend it in the street or I go to my company and I am there for a long time. I go to my best friend’s gym and I’m there for a while, I just come and sleep, “said the ex-fiancee in a statement for the” First Hand “program, according to La Vibra magazine.

Octavio Ocaña’s ex-fiancee makes an unexpected confession after the statements

After 'disappearing' from everywhere, the ex-fiancee of Ocaña breaks the silence and gives an unexpected statement

“I wake up and go outside again. When I’m here it starts to give me anxiety and I start crying all the time…. “I don’t like being in my house, because everything in my house is him. Everything is really Tavo… I go out to lunch or dinner, or I go with my sister-in-law. I’m walking there because I don’t like being here alone ”, were some of the statements that the ex-fiancee of“ Benito ”gave.

In addition, the ex-fiancee also revealed something that few expected. “For me all Jalisco is him. So I don’t know if I will ever return, I think it would be something strong. He was happy there, it was his place there and people loved him a lot. I couldn’t go back ”, he declared according to La Vibra.

Does it leave her in bad? Octavio Ocaña’s father finally confesses what he thinks of Nerea Godínez, girlfriend of the late actor

Does it leave her in bad?  Octavio Ocaña's father finally confesses what he thinks of Nerea Godínez, girlfriend of the late actor
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A month after the tragic death of the actor Octavio Ocaña, his father, Mr. Octavio Pérez, gave an interview to a local media outlet in his native Tabasco where he did not leave Nerea Godínez, his son’s girlfriend, “ well off ”. to whom he was committed and loved his child as if he were his father.

Nerea Godínez gained popularity and notoriety since the tragic death of Octavio Ocaña, as the girl began to air very intimate moments with the actor, in the midst of the drama of his death, in addition to outraging locals and strangers for going with very small shorts to the funeral of her fiancé.

The father of “Benito” would be outraged with the attitude of Nerea Godínez

Papa Octavio Ocaña rants against Nerea Godínez
Instagram: Octavio Ocaña

The digital portal ‘Diario Presente’, reported through a note, on the controversial statements that Octavio Ocaña’s father gave a month after the tragic end of the ‘Vecinos’ actor while he was fleeing from the State of Mexico police, for driving in an apparent state of drunkenness and with bottles in his truck.

After it was indicated that the alleged perpetrators of the actor’s death had been the police, who allegedly manipulated the scene of the accident, to ‘make believe’ that he had shot himself in the head by accident, Octavio Ocaña’s father calmer, Mind your reaction and what you want for the case.

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